Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank QUESTIONS.?

I'm having trouble with these questions (can't find them on google) so if anyone has the book and is willing to help me that would be wonderful!

1. Saturday, June 20, 1942, P. 2 “Paper is more patient than man.” What does Anne mean?

2. What were some of the restrictions put on the Jewish people? P. 4

3. Friday, October 9, 1942. What’s happening to the Jews outside the secret annex? P. 38 – 39.

4. Saturday, November 7, 1942. Evaluate some of Anne’s early views of her parents, and their relationship to her. P. 44-45

5. Monday, November 8, 1943. A. Find the example of foreshadowing. B. Discuss the figure of speech Anne uses to describe their situation. P. 114 – 115.

6. Saturday, November 27, 1943. What does her vision of her friend Lies reveal to her? P. 119 – 120.

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    I don't have the book on me, but I once did a five page report on Anne Frank in my college English class.

    1.) Anne was able to convey her feelings on a piece paper. She didn't have to worry about the piece of paper interrupting her or judging her because well, paper is an inanimate object.

    2.) The Nuremberg Laws. Read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuremberg_Laws

    3.) I believe that was when the arrests and the deportations began in her area.

    4.) Anne was very close to her father and she didn't see eye to eye with her mother. Otto constantly encouraged her to try to understand what he mother wanted so that she could have a better relationship.

    5.) There was a part in her diary where she thought about becoming a writer when she grew up. She also once confessed that no one would be "interested of the unbosoming of a child."

    6.) Unsure.

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    a million. Read the ebook two. Read the ebook three. Read the ebook four. Read the ebook. Actually recognise the ebook very good and feature been to the website in Amsterdam.....attempting studying on your self its an mighty factor

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    do your own homework :)

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