What's your Favorite rising sign?

And whats ur sun/venus/rising signs

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  • 10 years ago
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    1. Capricorn Rising, Then ---> Taurus Rising, Aquarius Rising, & Aries Rising


    ►Aquarius Sun◄

    ►Pisces Venus◄

    ►Virgo Rising◄

  • fayt84
    Lv 6
    10 years ago

    I would say Pisces rising.

    Libra sun

    Scorpio Venus

    Capricorn rising

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Well I'm pretty happy with mine. I have Sagittarius Rising, and it's great to be outgoing and free spirited. People always get a "fun" vie around me.

    I think Libra Rising might be a favorable position too, because Libra's always know exactly what to say to charm people, without the Sagittarius tactless foot in the mouth syndrome.

    Gemini Rising would be a good Ascendant too, because they are socially inclined and tend to make friends very easily.

    Source(s): Aries Sun Aquarius Venus Sagittarius Rising
  • 3 years ago

    From each and each and every component: maximum cancers (sweetest smiles, suited) Libra (pleasant) Leo (Marilyn Monroe replaced into the integral Leo increasing). I also love Sag increasing. Taurus (this somehow suits females extra suited, the adult adult males have a tendency to be fairly bland). i love Virgo for the down-to-earth high quality, at the same time as Cap is truly extreme (maximum acceptable in professional settings).

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  • 10 years ago



  • 10 years ago

    My fav rising is Leo Rising!

    and Taurus Rising :D

    Source(s): i'm a virgo sun libra venus and leo rising -_-
  • 10 years ago

    I like Gemini Rising the best.

    Source(s): Virgo Sun Cancer Venus Aquarius Rising Sag Moon
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    aquarius because they're smart and optimistic!

    my rising sign is in cancer, and me don't like :( !!!


  • vioxs
    Lv 4
    10 years ago

    Libras, because they're beautiful.

    Lv 5
    10 years ago

    My fave is sag!! They are loveable people who like travel, and are open minded, and love risks in adventure. They are also tall, slim, and beautiful.

    Source(s): Aries Sun Sag Rising Scorpio moon Aquarius venus
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