why am i itching unstop?

I itch unstop. I do not have dry skin, rash, blumbs, rediness or anything. I was told it was because of my hepC. Is it? I tried everything on the market. from lotions, creams, drugs, shots. HELP losing sleep

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    Any liver or biliary tract disorder resulting in bile salts accumulation in the skin may cause itch. Diseases include hepatitis.

    The bile salts in the skin make it itch (doctors call itching pruritis). And they make your urine darker than normal. Because the bile is not passing into your bowel, your stools will be much paler than normal.

    A study in Maryland, showed eight of the patients who were aged 35 to 68, had been diagnosed with hepatitis from 1 to 20 years previously, and had pruritus(itchy skin) as the major or first symptom of the disease.

    Liver biopsies revealed that all patients had liver damage similar to that seen in cholestasis, a liver disease caused by stagnation of the bile in the bile ducts. Itchy skin is a ommon side effect of cholestasis.

    The authors conclude that ``pruritus may be the dominant symptom in patients with chronic hepatitis C.

    NB Cholestasis is a condition caused by rapidly developing (acute) or long-term (chronic) interruption in the excretion of bile.

    Treatments for pruritis

    Prescription medications include topical and systemic antihistamines, corticosteroids, local anesthetics, and topical immunomodulators, among others. Some lower concentration preparations of these medications are available OTC.

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    Cleaning the liver is one way to reduce or eliminate itchiness.The liver is an organ that has many important functions. Its main function is cleaning the body by filtering out harmful materials that impede health. Detoxification is a method of deep internal cleaning that eliminates the build-up of toxins, poisons and other impurities that can lead to liver problems and itching.

    -Drink Fluids:One of the best ways to detoxify the entire body, including the liver, is by drinking plain water. Water is necessary for proper functioning of all the systems of the body. Water reaches all areas and then flushes away the toxins and wastes. Drink at least 64 ounces of fluids each day. Herbal teas, vegetable juices and fruit juice are also acceptable for fluid intake.

    -Use Herbs:Although the body is self-cleaning, an excessive amount of waste overburdens the liver. Herbalists often recommend milk thistle for cleansing the liver. The herb also strengthens the liver. The article also suggests turmeric, dandelion and burdock root for cleansing. These herbs are available online and in health food stores. The herbs come in various dosages, but it is best to start with the lower amount until your body becomes accustomed to the herb. Also follow the directions on the label.

    -Take Vitamins:Vitamins are also important for a healthy and clean liver. Vitamin C protects the liver and can flush fats from the liver. A fatty liver causes several liver problems that can lead to itching. Vitamin C is also good at fighting liver infections. The article states that vitamin B-12 is important for proper liver functioning. A good-quality multivitamin with minerals is important for a liver detoxification program.

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    Itching of the skin causes, including:

    1 - skin diseases:

    @ Dermatitis skin:

    That appears in various forms and appear as a result of different causes and affect the skin.

    @ Psoriasis:

    When injury, psoriasis, the life cycle of skin cells, leading to accelerated building rough and dead cells, these cells are thick silvery scales with a dry red patches sometimes be painful.

    @ Fungi

    Appear on the skin in various forms at various locations of the skin. Cause itching.

    @ Urticaria

    Urticaria is a red blisters high and accompanied by itching of different sizes appear and disappear on the skin may be the result of some allergy medicines or eat.

    @ Lice

    Lead lice infection in the body and scalp to severe itching and lice spread easily through direct contact of the body.

    @ Scabies

    Leads to severe itching in the skin when you sleep, is an infectious disease that spreads easily due to direct contact.

    2 - Diseases of the Interior:

    Include liver disease, kidney failure and anemia caused by iron deficiency and thyroid problems and cancer including leukemia and lymphoma in these cases, the itching usually affects the whole body and not on specific areas of the skin

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    Ask your doctor to run an allergy test. You could be allergic to something in your laundry detergent, or the chlorine in your water.

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