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University of Iowa or University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign?

I am trying to decide between colleges. I live in Illinois. Both colleges are extremely appealing to me! Please helpp :) Alsoo if possible please try to list some pros and cons for both. (Basically support your reasoning with examples and such!) Thanks !

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    If you're in state i highly reccoment urbana.

    Out of the Big 10 schools, Urbana Champaign has the highest starting salary for graduates of that college and it is more reputable than the university of Iowa in terms of academics. If you are looking for sports and parties, go to University of Iowa

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    college of IL arms down is a lots greater beneficial college and has a high quality attractiveness for being a awesome engineering college. specific AZ is a lot warmer, yet you are able to flow to the school as a thank you to grant you a greater education on your substantial.

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