Do i have a valid IG Complaint?

I went to the field with my unit for 6 days and we still have 4 days of field left. Ok my short term on my family care plan got sick so i had to come back from the field. So i went in got my kids. Around 1030 at night i wake up cause my phone is ringing and its my sgt on the phone ask me why i haven't pick up my phone and anwser my door at 1030 at night. I tell her i was sleeping because i was. So she say ok. In the morning i wake up to another phone call. Its my sgt on the phone asking me why i didnt answer my door at 0530 in the morning. I tell her its sunday and i was asleep. So she gets mad in tells me i need to be back in the field by 1200 on sunday. So i tell her that i dont have no one to watch my kids now since my short term is sick. And she says she is going to chapter me out cause i dont have noone else to watch them. I never got counsel for my family care plan by my comander. And she also accuse me of going out the night i got out the field and i didnt go out. Is this a I G Complaint?

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    The first question that comes to mind is whether or not you have brought this up the chain of command. Have you talked to the first sergeant or commander directly about the sergeant's comments. The last thing you want to do is go to the IG without allowing the chain the opportunity to solve whatever issue is going on. Most problems like this can be solved at that level and never need to go to the IG. If you buck the chain and go directly to the IG, you will be putting a microscope on yourself that you may not want. Run it up the chain first. Next, it is your responsibility to ensure you have a primary and a back-up child care provider as a single parent or married to another service member. No one is going to spoon feed you, you have to take some responsibility on yourself in order to continue to serve as a mil-to-mil couple or single parent. As to whether or not you went out, your integrity should be your guide there. If you did, acknowledge it and move on. If not, you have nothing to worry about. Just be aware, if you did go out and you were seen by anyone, the word will get back to the first sergeant and then you have compounded the original problem by lying about it. Bottom line, talk to your first sergeant.

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    IG will not get involved. Sending someone to a promotion board falls under the heading of Command Discretion. Have you told them you want to go to the board? You have to be proactive in your career progression. Often times, a 1st Sergeant won't send anyone to the E5 or E6 board until that soldier comes to him and says "I want to go to the board". Then and only then will the 1st Sergeant consider whether or not the soldier is ready. If you really want to go, you need to follow up with your 1st Sergeant on a weekly basis. You need to demostrate your desire in going to the board. I'm confused what you are? Active Duty? National Guard? or Army Reserves? Active Duty soldiers are not assigned to a NG or AR unit. If you are active duty with a "garrison" type position, then you would be assigned to HHC, USAG for that post. Edit: Exactly which post you are on? I'm not aware of any Active Army post that has the NG and Reserves running parts of it That's what the HHC, USAG unit on every Army post is for. There would be no need to activate a NG or Army Reserve unit to run an Active Army post. The whole purpose of HHC, USAG is to keep the post running after all other military units has left/deployed. That's why HHC, USAG is a non-deployable unit. When I was in HHC, USAG @ Fort Hood, the company had a strength of just under 3,000 soldiers. Also there is no Garrison 1SG, There's a Garrison CSM(not SGM, like you state) and then there the HHC, USAG 1SG. But regardless of any of that, it is your Company Commander, in consultation with the 1SG, who decides who gets to go to the promotion board. It is the CO decision and he has absolute discretion about who he recommends to the board.

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    No, you do not. You'd better have a new, reliable family care plan in your hands when you report back or you should plan on the paperwork to chapter you out being started.

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    is this your first line supervisor? if so you need to go above her to the next level- when all else fails then go to IG for complaint.

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