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i want to eat NORMAL again.?

Okay i havent been eating much for a whole month. Im 13 and 5'7. And seeing if i dont eat much it will halt my height. But thats the thing whats worrying me. I want to starting eating normally. But i dont want to gain Weight when i start to eat normally. Can you give me some tips? + I jog every day. The main thing is whats worrying me is that if i dont eat i wont grow taller. I may but im not sure. People are saying it does and it dont. Plus i dont wanna gain weight when i eat again, is there a special diet when i eat again. And is it down the the genetics of the person with the growth. Or is it through food? Thanks.

Im 13 and 5'7 and 141lbs. 10 Stone 2 pounds.

And another question.

Im not stating that if you eat you get taller, but say if you didnt eat for a month would that effect how much you grow? And is it down to genetics to get taller/puberty. Thanks.

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    Jack, you are still growing and need to eat normally. Your body needs the fuel to grow properly. Right now you are not fat at all and you are worrying about gaining weight. You need to gain weight in order to grow. You have 5 to 7 more years of growing.Just try to eat healthy. Eat protein with EVERY meal along with fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoid sodas, white flour products and sugary things. Eat whole grain breads, crackers and pasta. Don't eat anything with high fructose corn syrup. Drink plenty of water and make sure you can enough sleep............

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    While growing tall is part of genetics, an eating disorder will definitely affect your growth given that you're still growing at the age of 13.

    My advise is not to worry about weights now since you're still young. Eat proper meals and exercise, no special anything needed, just follow these 2 keys and you'll be fine:

    1. Control Your Food Intake, take your daily food intake as 100%, allocate 60% for breakfast (still the most important meal of the day), 30% lunch and 10% dinner.

    Notice no snacks or in between as it will go straight to your belly.

    2. And of course, Exercise is the other Key, do at least 30 minutes of workout daily, more if you can. Swimming can be a good full body workout, takes care of the cardio too.

    To Your Health...Cheers!

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    Eat a lot of porridge, pasta, eggs and fish or chicken. Maybe malt drinks. Juice. If you like fruit and vegetables eat as many as you can too. Not eating will slightly affect your height and genetics will play a role too

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