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suggestions on trd parts for 2010 scion tc?

i just got a 2010 tc and my parents want to get rid of the 2000 lincoln navigator. i was going to go to toyota and trade it in for parts. any suggestions on what parts i should get? i know i want to get a spoiler. im buying an aftermarket cat back because the trd exhaust is a joke.

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    sweet, a true Scion tC owner who sees the TRD exhaust as a joke....

    and the TRD supercharger is a joke too.

    1. its been discontinued

    2. its a joke

    3. it fails and breaks

    4. for the same cost at the time you could get a turbo kit, with double or even triple the power

    really all i see getting from the dealer is the pedistal spoiler and round efects kit. other than that the is nothing from the dealer or TRD that i would get for my tC. everything else id go aftermarket, saves you money and is better. id say o for a turbo kit, if you want. if not sae the money for future use.

    Source(s): 05 Scion tC owner.
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    I purely offered a sparkling 2010 scion tc and easily like it! before making my purchase I try drove the two the mitsubishi lancer and eclipse as nicely yet they didnt even evaluate to the scion. the scion rides plenty smoother with much less highway noise and standard greater desirable area. the only downfall with the scion is gasoline mileage. it somewhat is a small automobile yet i purely get approximately 19 or 20 mpg. additionally you may want to evaluate the super recognition of toyota whilst in comparison with mitsubishi. wish this helps!

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