Is if haram to call animals Kuffars?

I know it may sound funny but I'm serious is it haram to call animals Kuffars? since all creations such as animals,and the nature are considered Muslim .
Update: @You Knoe its a question ether u answer yes it is haram or no its not haram! if ur not going ot be nice an answer the question the shush!
Update 2: Its just a flipping question!!!

I heard someone say that Animals are Kuffar so I was wondering if its haram to call them that!
Update 3: why can't people just answer a question without being annoying!
Update 4: @Vincent come to my face and ask me that you coward hiding behind a computer screen, and see what happens to your face!
Update 5: My son has done nothing to you he is a baby so sthu!
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