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Anyways, Me and Connor my boyfriend have been together for a while, and we just recently broke up =( I broke up with him because I was getting annoyed because he was barely spending time with me. Anyways one of my friends and him decided to play a prank on me by saying that they were together.

I got kinda sad and angry cuz we broke up a day before they decided to play the prank. I felt like he waz a betrayer.

Then, during PE, we were doing this running thing, and it came down to two boys: my new crush, and connor, my ex.

I cheered for my new crush, Jake, and not for connor. I told people to cheer for connor tho, but I just couldnt for some reason...?

Anyways, connor went and sat out, and Jake waz the winner. When we had our lunch break, connor went into the PE closet because he just needed time alone (found out later that he was mad because I was cheering for Jake and he still really liked me).

People kept comming up to me to say things like, "you made connor sad!!"

and then luch ended and someone said it again and i got mad, and pushed the guy who said that,  but then me and 2 of my friends went to take this eye test thingy, and i started crying on the way, I felt HORRIBLE.

Then after school, connor texted me this::

I no that ur not goin to reply to this text but im sry for being a jerk I should have treated you much better than I treated you, i want to say to everybody that ur my girlfriend i dont care what anybody thinks i only care about u.

sooo, we made up. still together.

But now, im confused...

part of my heart says to keep him with me, and the other part says to let him go...

I dont know what to do...?!?! someone please help me!


the thing with the new crush, durin the middle of me and my bfs relashonship, i wanted to break up with him, and i got interested in another guy so yeah...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Why are you so worried, you did not waste any time getting the new crush so why all the drama, if you thought anything of the old crush you would not have found the new crush so fast.Get real lovey.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you can get close to jake , but stay with connor cuz u obviously care for him alot still and there is always room for second chances . good luck :)

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