how to obtain a state tax id?

I have corporation and I need to obtain my illinois state for resale tax. what form do i need to fill out, i have my ein.

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    Click on the first link below to 'Register' your business with the Illinois Department of Revenue to obtain your IBT number. You will also likely be liable for multiple state tax returns as most states have a separate corporate return from individual PLUS may also have a Franchise Tax return you will need to complete (at least, here in Oklahoma there is).

    As a corporation you are required by law to pay your officers a wage or salary so you'll be filing quarterly employment tax returns with both the IRS and the State of Illinois. You will likely also be liable for Unemployment Taxes - FUTA is your Federal requirement and SUTA is your state requirement. You may also have to have Workmens Comp insurance, but you'll need to check with the Department of Labor for IL for that info.


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    you may get your business enterprise's tax identification variety out of your paystub. if your business enterprise used a payroll provider including Paychex or Ceridian to technique their payroll, or in the event that they used incredibly state-of-the-paintings utility to generate the paychecks (i'm talking something like Peoplesoft, Oracle, or SAP) it could have your business enterprise's tax identification on it. in any different case, you are able to desire to anticipate your W-2, which would be sent in January (W-4 is the variety you fill out to tell your business enterprise how lots taxes to withhold out of your pay). And once you e-report, you do no longer would desire to mail on your W-2's, the IRS incredibly would not desire it considering they are in a position to have gained a replica out of your business enterprise already.

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