Is Mozart pink? or yellow..?

So I was watching an episode of Nodame Cantabile, and one of the main characters, Nodame, says that Mozart is pink. And then the other main character, Chiaki, starts seeing pink in Mozart, while he saw dull silver before. So what do you think? Is Mozart "pink?" How about other composers, what color are they?

My opinion

Mozart=Bright yellow


Beethoven=Blue and Red

Chopin=Dark blue, maybe a tinge of purple

Liszt=Orange Red and Yellow

Debussy=Light Blue and Green


Rachmaninoff=Purple, Blue, Magenta



I should have mentioned, you can have other composers too, my short list of composers were off the top of my head.

Update 2:

and electro, yes aura, if you put it that way.

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    I go further and add textures.

    Mozart = lemon meringue with whipped cream

    Bach = stainless steel

    Beethoven = grainy, tan sandpaper (in the best sense) in some of his pieces, a huge mix of red and deep green - like a gigantic sequoia - in others

    Chopin = varies. Nocturnes and concerti are black silk, polonaises and waltzes are reddish paper, like on Chinese New Year cards

    Liszt = FIRE! Liebesträume, consolations, etc. are yellowish embers, the Hungarian Rhapsodies are reddish wildfire, and his concerti are a steady blue flame

    Debussy = amorphous swirls of green, blue, and violet, every once in a while with a streak of blinding white (in his more sarcastic moods)

    Ravel = opal gemstone, like a rainbow in your hand

    Rachmaninoff = A deep, pure blue that doesn't exist in nature.

    Prokofiev = glass of varying colors - sometimes obsidian, other times clear or like a frosted windowpane

    Shostakovitch = A black cat, sometimes a jaguar.

    Brahms = thick, creamy orange sherbet in most of his Klavierstücke - concerti are super-dark chocolate, so dark that most of the wimpy only use it for cooking. :P

    Gershwin = glazed strawberry pie (hm, I guess I'm hungry)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Mozart Sky blue

    Beethoven Earth brown

    Bach Grass green

    Chopin Silver

    Liszt Bright red

    Ravel Sand beige

    Debussy Sun yellow

    Brahms Light grey with blue-ish tint

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Mozart - Yellow

    Bach - Brown

    Beethoven - Dark Blue

    Chopin - Red

    Liszt - White

    Debussy - Light blue

    Ravel - Black

    Rach. - Black

    Prokofiev - Red and Orange

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  • 1 decade ago

    Mozart - Yellow

    J.S. Bach - Platinum

    (I was going to say silver, but i. jones inspired me better)

    I leave the rest to all of you..You know best!


    PS. By the way, Mr. i. jones...what a sophisticated way of expressing colors! I like it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Mozart = Heliotrope

    Bach = Platinum

    Beethoven = Ocher

    Mendelssohn = Periwinkle

    Alexander Mackenzie = Plaid (or tartan, if you please)

    ... Ives (Burl) = Lavender's blue dilly dilly, lavender's green.

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