Pros and cons to healthcare bill? Will it fix or ruin it?

I'm liberal and I believe that every human has a right to health care; A person with more money DOES NOT deserve to be healthier and live longer and healthier just because they have more green. I'm for socialized health care in general. But, I talked to my father who is a dermatologist and conservative and he made some good points, such as:

*it's believed by some that 40% of doctors will consider retiring

*medicaid reimbursements for procedures are so bad that doctors lose money every time they see a patient, so some see them for free. It costs more to file a request for reimbursement than they actually get back (though that may just be medicare)

* medicare is even worst, which is what an estimated 50% of the 30,000,000 newly insured will be on

* the reimbursement rates will drop further as the government cuts 500,000,000 billion for the national insurance (while raising taxes and number of insured)

* doctors will have to cut staff to make ends meet, thus lowering quality of care (besides the fact they will also have more patients)

but some thoughts for it I've heard include:

* hospitals get no money from those who aren't insured so they will at least get some this way

* it will be a short term hit on doctors but this will cause pharmacuetical companies to lower their exorbatant prices (they are pretty evil draining desperate people of money I think) so it'll be better in the long run.

* doctors will not run pointless procedures and give wasteful drugs just to get a bigger bottom line (a counter is that then doctors will not be able to prescribe drugs that work better but do cost more)

* doctors will be less likely to give into bribes

These are some I've heard, but I'm getting these from my conservative father (which he has very good points and he has researched extensively from Wall Street and such), other conservative family members (more concenered about paying for "slackers" who are "lazy" and "drain the system" which I find ridiculous), and my liberal friends (who have also researched).

Does any one have opinions (good and objective) from either side, and especially neutral? Any good news sites I should check? (if I hear Fox I will die, and the rest seem to have a liberal edge).


I'm 20 and in college and I did hear it will help my age because my insurance on my parents is stretched till I'm 26, but I also heard my age's insurance rates will rise to help pay for the cost of the additional older people who need more help

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  • GABY
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    10 years ago
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    1. Gives free insurance to more poor people (At some point in the future - maybe 4-5 years). Many will not like this because they must have ins. and cannot just go to hospital anymore. Everyone is forced to buy insurance. Now there is a formula based on your income level how much insurance can cost you.

    2. Forces Insurance companies to let people buy ins for children regardless of illness they have. Not sure this makes much difference because all states already have free insurance for kids of the poor.

    3. Forces Insurance companies to keep you on insurance even when you move or lose your job, I thought we could already do this using COBRA, but maybe now is cheaper?

    CONS -

    1. We must all start paying New taxes and fees now, but real insurance for most everyone does not start for 4 years later.

    2. Insurance premiums for all of us will go up 10-15% (CBO office)

    3. Companies insurance costs will go up now and they will need to lay off more people because they can't raise prices much, or no one will buy.

    4. Everyone but Union members, Congress, and the white house that has very good insurance coverage now must start paying special "caddilac policy" taxes now.

    5. All the states insurance costs will go up, so they must raise taxes, or lay more people off. In my state, we will have 11 Billion dollars more to spend and we don't have it.

    6. The government claims it will not have to borrow more money from China because they can cut 500 million dollars from Medicare, and the payments from new taxes and fees will cover the rest. LOL. Did you ever see a government program even work, much less cut money?? So that means we will probably borrow more money and devalue the dollar. That make everything we have or buy cost more - more unemployment.

    This is a wonderful program! Kind of like when my sister told the family at supper she was pregnant. Dad said well- that is just wonderful!

  • 3 years ago

    Obama, Loci, MN BC, CNN, ABC, Democrat legislators, maximum information columnists have defined what's interior the bill, all and sundry different than Fox information. the ordinary public selection could desire to have been the bill, it could have given the coverage organization opposition by using letting people buying from a co-op reducing costs and giving people innovations in buying coverage. by using the way the exceeded bill will make coverage organization's pay out eighty 5% of their earnings for claims so their earnings would be 20% of what you pay to your coverage. they could't enhance your costs or end you from protecting your coverage or no longer paying your coverage declare.

  • Oreo
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    10 years ago

    it will fix itself if your a teenager to use it when you retire by the time it kicks in, In the mean time the rest of us will be paying for it.

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