have read all almost all the blogs online about touch screen phones and people seem to be very Divided about it.....My QUESTION IS

1) DURABILITY of the touch screen resistant is it to small accidents....and how effective does a screen protector ,protect the phone from harm...

2) it worthwhile to invest in a touch screen phone, especially because i'm going to college...or should i buy a normal phone

Thanks in advance

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  • momof3
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    10 years ago
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    Touch screen phones are a personal preference. It is totally different than using keys. It took me a little bit to get used to typing on the screen. I actually am getting more acquainted with my Iphone now so it is getting easier.

    As far a durability goes you will have problems with all phones(touch screen or not). Luckily, I haven't dropped my iphone on a hard surface but if I did I purchased the warranty through Apple. A screen protector is a good thing to have, You wont be using a stylus because it needs the pressure of a finger but it prevents smudges and it is easily changeable. I would recommend getting a skin or cover for your touch phone or any phone.

    Overall, like I said it is a personal preference. Some like having a smartphone. I enjoy the internet so much more on my iphone than I did on my samsung propel.

    Good Luck!

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