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Is this health care bill really just a way to keep tabs on all Americans and illegal aliens?

Also to monitor the health situation of every American?

Because if an illegal alien goes into emergency and has no insurance, would then be found out an illegal alien.

So also, it will be harder to get certain medical help because of cost of certain procedures or medications?

So would go to jail for not having insurance and also for being an illegal alien.

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  • Krys
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    1 decade ago
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    No. The health care bill does not nationalise any currently private hospitals or insurance companies, it simply requires citizens to have insurance and provides subsidies to those on low incomes. The records of the individuals health would still be with their health care provider, the government simply ensures they *have* a provider.

    The government has no need of individual health records, it is more concerned with population wide health metrics to inform it's policy decisions. Individual details are of little value and managing such data would be incredibly difficult and cumbersome yet provide little useful information. Whilst "Big Brother" type conspiracy theorists like to see the hand of a secret plan in this, few actually stop and ask for what useful ends such a project could contribute to.

    Illegal aliens are better and much more cheaply monitored though workplace surveillance, and in actual fact, are broadly tolerated by the government, as their cheap labour is key to the survival of many other-wise non-viable businesses in the south and southwestern states. Agricultural subsidies would have to be much higher if it were not for "see no evil hear no evil" approaches to undocumented immigrants in Socal, and many other labour intensive low-skill sectors such as catering, food processing and construction industries would also face increased costs, which would certainly be contrary to government interests.

    As regards costs, again the government is not involved with the actual provision or direct funding of treatment, except for those whose treatment is already paid for by Medicare or Medicaid. From 2014, many people who currently *cannot* get treatment on an insurance plan (or find it very hard to get) *will* be covered, as legislation will prohibit insurers from refusing coverage to people with pre-existing medical conditions, or from refusing to fund any more treatment once a certain financial limit is reached ("lifetime dollar limits" - these will be prohibited). So, the quality of treatment, especially for those with chronic or long term conditions, will improve dramatically. In addition, states will be obliged to provide Medicaid coverage for those earning up to 133% of federal poverty level, far higher than some states currently provide, ensuring those on lowest incomes will have coverage that some states don't currently provide. The cost of this is that taxes on the very highest earners (six figure salaries) will be increased, and a levy will be imposed on the top-of-the-range insurance plans, though much of the funding will come from savings achieved by the bill elsewhere in the health system.

    95% of the US population will have a health care plan, bringing the US care system almost up to the OECD average. As Obama said, it is not the end of the road, but it is a promising start.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I'm confused by this too. Currently, they can walk into any ER and not be denied treatment and the hospital either gets reimbursed by the state or eats the cost. Under this HCR bill, they aren't covered nor can they purchase insurance with their own money. Which makes me conclude that immigration reform will be the next big push for the Obama administration. It makes sense for the Dems to push for amnesty for illegals a.s.a.p. because this will grant them a huge voting block of government dependents. What are these millions of immigrants supposed to do if they get sick and they're not going to be covered by this bill? Die in the street? Amnesty seems like the next logical step.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, the government has taken a big % of the earlier private industry.

    Big brother is watching over us.

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  • it will certainly get more people filing taxes -- which does put more people on the monitor list

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  • 1 decade ago

    Good question. The "evil eye" is watcing everywhere and everything.

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