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"Fridge magnets cause cancer", RIDICULOUS, how can I explain my mother this is a lame hoax?

She got a lame chain letter about "Princeton science students (and teachers) proving cancer caused by the fridge magnets"

group 1 of mice ate food stored in a fridge

group 2 ate food from the same fridge´s model but it had a bunch of decorative magnets on the door

"all the group 2 mice developed cancer" and it says the electricity of the fridge increased the electromagnetic force of the magnets causing this "waves" or whatever to get strong enough to alter the food stored inside.

----------My opinion (please comment)

1- ANY FRIDGE has magnetic edges all over the door to remain closed (so forget the small ones)

2- the door has thick isolation ... I really doubt any strong magnet can traverse the door and affect something on the inside

3- the electrical power supply of the fridge cant affect the little magnets , (our fridge, by the way has other material on the outside..more plastic like but somehow the magnets still glue on it)

4- if this was a single bit true ...then why on earth are magnets officially banned? and why on earth havent the students got their own tv show and nobel price? (and be declared saviours of the universe)


Any other suggestios?

Can you please gimme some scientific proof that explains that those small fridge magnets are not damaging the food.


PS I know and Ive read scientific and medical professional documents regarding dangers of people with pacemakers that get close to magnets



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Answer ONLY if you can share some knowledge that clarifies my doubts


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    1. many things on the internet are not true, especially chain letters.

    2. there are magnets all over in our lives, inthe speakers of radios and other tings that produce music, in the earpiece of a phone, in all motors from mixers to washing machines and vacuums, etc

    3. some people wear magnetic beads for health.

    4. magnetism does not effect food, magnetism could not extend into a refrigerator, refrigerators have a magnet in the cooling motor fan of the compressor

    5. magnets are used to produce our electricity, but they do not make waves.

    6. magnetic force field decreases by the square of the distance, and of course the size

    People make up things all the time, and forwarding them makes just more bad information on the air.

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    Decorative Magnets

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    That if it was true then the motor from the washing machine would make her clother radio active and kill her. Is she still alive? Yes? Do you use a washing machine? Yes? There, proven its fine.

    Source(s): My Brain =P
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    Explain to her about lame chain letters. Look it up on and get her to read what you find.

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