College, University College, or University?

what's the different between college, university college, or university.

Which is better?

what's the different with their certificate, or degree??

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  • 10 years ago
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    I always heard that a University has a grad school (masters or PhD) while a college does not.

  • Aina
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    10 years ago

    University and College can be used interchangeably. Meaning 4 year school.

    You'll hear people use College in reference to community college. Which offers certificates and 2-year degrees.

    But there are some prestigious schools with College in the name. Like Vassar and Emerson College. They are private and offer bachelor degrees.

    Okay. Degrees.

    Certificate- a paper saying you took a couple of classes in that field. You can't do too much with a certificate in terms of finding employment that pays well.

    Associates Degree- 2-year degree in that field.

    Bachelors Degree- 4-year degree. An undergraduate degree. You need AT LEAST this in order to find a decent job after school.

    Masters Degree- 2-3 more years of school. This is a professional degree. You'll can make more money with one of these versus having just a bachelors.

    PhD- Doctor of Philosophy degree. This is the creme de la creme. You use the title PhD after your name (Morgan Davis, PhD). You should be respectfully referred to as Doctor.

    *Ideally*, you want to go to a 4 year university and at least earn a bachelors. You major/field of work you want to go into will determine if you have to go further.

    For instance;

    You want to be a graphics designer? You can get away with just a bachelors.

    Want to work in business? You need an MBA to even get a job at a well paying company.

    Want to be a psychiatrist/therapist? You need a PhD

  • 10 years ago

    It depends on the career you are looking for. I would say Junior/community college are great for beginners nursing programs and taking general courses before proceeding to the expensive University. Just check both before committing.

  • Lutty
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    4 years ago

    LOL well I am not in school but I have learned to relax and enjoy life as I do the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Glad you are studying to be someone great at University! (((Man in Blue))))

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  • college is more hands on

    university is more vareity

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