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Good gas mileage cars or suv's with 30+mpg?

I'm definitely not opposed to hybrids I really like the mazda tribute hybrid but there are none in my area.

And I have searched and searched online but I just don't really know what to look for car wise or suv wise thats going to have good gas mileage. I love the toyota prius with its up to 50mpg but i don't really understand all the things about the recall they had on them. Just any ideas would be great and on where to find them online would be sweet to. At the moment i drive a 1998 mustang convertible so

no matter what I get i'm going to be doing better gas mileage wise than with that.

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    Lets go shopping..... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUV "S

    Hybrids 40 to 50 mpg

    Cars 30 to 40 mpg compact cars

    cars 40 to 50 mpg compact cars

    Sports car best gas mileage 30 to 40

    There are so many more.

    If i was going for fuel mileage and room I choose the Jetta TDi wagon

    If I was going for Luxury .. I choose the Cadillac Sport Wagon

    Drives like Race car.

    Test drive alot if tyou have time .... Don't let anyone pressure you into the 1st car you drive.

    Good Luck...

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    The recalls on the Toyotas mostly don't include the Prius. There are only two that affect the Prius:

    1. Floor mats. If you put a second floor mat on top of the first one there is a chance that it can ride up and press on the accelerator pedal. Floor mats have been doing this ever since there have been floor mats. The problem that Toyota had is that in non-hybrid Toyotas there is no brake override so pressing on the brake firmly didn't stop the acceleration. The Prius has brake override so it's not a problem.

    2. Brake feel in the 2010. Under some conditions the transition from regenerative brakes to friction brakes is noticeable. This caused some complaints and Toyota altered the programming.

    3. False alarms. Several of the so-called "runaway Prius" have been shown to have been faked by the owners for one reason or another.

    4. Misidentification. The CHP officer and his family were in a rental non-hybrid Lexus but this is sometimes reported as being a Prius. That particular Lexus can do 0-60 in under 4 seconds so if anything goes wrong there's no time to do anything. It's also one of the Toyota models that doesn't have brake override.

    5. Media hype. The media is in the ratings business, not the unbiased truth business. "Toyota runaway" gets higher ratings than "Driver presses on the accelerator rather than the brake".

    There are four braking systems on the Prius:

    1. Regenerative brakes

    2. Friction brakes

    3. Engine brakes

    4. Parking brakes

    Generally braking is done with regenerative braking. The friction brakes are used:

    A. When more braking force is required than the motors can provide.

    B. When any of the safety devices (TC, ABS, VSC, etc.) are activated.

    C. When the vehicle speed is under 7 mph.

    D. When a fault is detected in the regenerative braking system.

    E. When the battery has reached the maximum allowed SOC.

    You have to really work at it to not be able to stop a Prius.

    The Prius is one of the safest cars out there with four or five stars in every category, vehicle stability control (keeps the Prius from doing doughnuts in slippery conditions if you are going anything like a reasonable speed for the conditions), brake override, and optionally on the 2010 pre-collision radar. My 2004 has 107,000 miles on it with a lifetime average of 56 mpg (as recorded in the logbook I keep).

    I did try the VW TDI diesel but it wasn't great. The engine blew at 80,000 miles. 22:1 compression and small lightweight engines just don't go together. It also cost a fortune in maintenance--never again.

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  • 1 decade ago is where you can find this kind of stuff easy.

    30+ SUV are you kidding? Only if you get a hybrid.

    Ford Escape hybrid, Mariner Hybrid, Lexus hybrid, and none of those are 4wd. Everything that gets over 30 has only 2wd.

    I plan on getting a Jetta TDI which get over 50 in the right conditions. And it is not a hybrid and costs less than a hybrid and lasts longer than a hybrid. Get it. You can get the VW Toureg TDI but it only gets 25 mpg. The Jetta set the world record for MPG in a stock production vehicle.

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