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Ana Ivanovic Questions?

Were you a fan of Ivanovic before 2007?

Were you only a fan 2007-2008?

Are you still a fan of Ivanovic?

Where will she return to in the future?

-Top 50?

-Top 20?

-Top 10?

-Top 5?

IF she beats Agnieszka Radwanska today, do you think her form will finally return?

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    I was a fan of Ana before 2007, during 2008 and 2009 and I'm still a fan of her. I strongly believe she will come back to the top 10 very soon and one day she might become No.1 again. She has a game, she is very talented, but mentally has some issues. When she overcomes that, there is nothing what can stop her from winning her goals.

    Also she recently started to work with a new coach, the one who trained Stefi Graff and simply the two of them need some time to figure how to work with each other, but I think this choice is a jack pot for her.

    If she beats Radwanska, she'll become more confident and that's a key factor for her game, anything is possible then.

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    stable question! i think of she's greater suited finding than Sharapova and that i think of this is purely a count of time (weeks?) before the sponsorship deals roll in. She purely has to maintain on the actual of her interest. If she will, then i think of she ought to earn greater desirable than Maria, She's already going to be in July's FHM, so the exposure device is into kit. Her acceptance will start. the different factor approximately Ana is that she comes for the time of as somewhat advantageous. i think of human beings frequently like her greater desirable than Maria. The French and the Australians love her (occurring crowd and media reactions at the two Opens this year). Ana may well be a real option for a great number of goods fantastically elegance products and rings. i think of she has particularly some pulling capacity!

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    too bad she didnt win today against Radwanska.. but at least she wasnt smashed, she lost 7-5 7-5. :)

    but i think if she works on her serve, & gets confidence she'll be back to the top. :P

    look at Sharapova♥ she had bad serve, and super low confidence, and although she still isnt at her peak, she is almost into the top 10, at like 12 right now..

    i think she will be a top 10 player.. its kinda hard to see players like Henin & Sharapova not in the top 5... and they are like on a completely other level when they are at their best.. :D

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    I'm gonna make my answer short:

    -No. I started watching tennis in 2007 and saw her at US Open (TV) and thats when I liked her


    -Yes, but its frustrating

    -Top 10, maybe top 5

    -Yes her form will return pretty soon

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    No, I didn't watch much women's tennis after Clijsters retired or before 2008.



    -Top 10

    It would do her confidence a lot of good.

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    Ivanović picked up a racket at the age of five after watching Monica Seles, a fellow Yugoslavian, on television during the 1992 French Open. She started her career after memorizing the number of a local tennis clinic from an advertisement . During her training she encountered the NATO bombings in 1999, forcing her to train in the morning to avoid them. Later, she admitted that she trained in an abandoned swimming pool in the winter, as there were no other facilities. When she was 15, Ivanović spent four hours in the locker room crying after a defeat—the first that her new manager had watched—she thought that Dan Holzmann was going to drop her because she felt that she was not good enough to become a professional tennis player. He has stayed as her manager to this day.

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