What does the confederate flag means to you?

Some people think of it as a sign of racism, some pride in where they are from(the south), i've even heard someone say that the confederacy could be considered terrorist cause they were once against the USA... What does it mean to you... i really wanna know what the people that wear it on their clothes or fly it in front of their houses think or rather feel...what does it mean to you?

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    Ive never flown/worn/owned a confederate flag.

    I believe the confederate flag is several things, to several people. To ME - its a rallying point. Not against black people, but against the feds. Its a cry for state independence, a cry for freedom from the federal government dictating to states what they can do, even if its not a right given the feds by the constitution.

    I DO understand how black people could feel threatened by it. Slavery was one of the main reasons for the civil war cited, but it was NOT the cause. The cause was the federal government dictating slavery was illegal in the southern states, and the southern states feeling the feds had no right to do that. Interestingly enough, the Emancipation proclomation did NOT free northern slaves, only southern ones.

    But don't let me get all distracted:) To me, the confederate flag stands for state independence.

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    actually. the Confederates were never "against the USA". They actually were upholding the ways of the (at the time) USA. They fought for states' rights, and against taxation, oppression/pressure from the Union, and land invasions (by the North) that were becoming violent.. The same reasons our forefathers fought in the Revolutionary War. The flag to me represent defiance in the face of tyrranical policy and for heritage. I in no way shape or form agree with slavery, or the ways the flag is misused by radical hate groups now, nor the image they portray by doing so, but I do stand for the men who died to uphold the values they believed in. Ironically, the North claimed to be civil and about "freedom", yet their forces were drafted. The military of the South was strictly volunteer. When Gen. Robert E. Lee was giving his farewell speech, prior to the surrender by the Southern states, it was said there were men missing limbs, eyes, you name it, or bulletridden with deathly injuries weeping, begging to continue to fight by his side. Also, a littleknown fact: the majority of Southern men who died fighting in the war were not plantation owners. Slavery was just a vehicle for the war. Dont believe what your textbooks tell you, especially about this war. But by far, not all supporters of the flag are racists. I'm actually a fond follower of Martin Luther King Jr.'s preachings and advancements toward equality. Ive done many papers on both, the origins/history of the Confederate flag and MLK. Some call it hypocritical, I call it knowledge and understanding of what really happened. And if anything, the ones who use the flag at their rallies for purposes of hate are the ones who are ill-informed about its meaning. It wasnt for racism, it never was. If it was, then you could say the same about the American flag's previous patterns.. As the history of it had flown over slavery for 225 years.. whereas the St. Andrews cross's predecessors and the like, only flew for 4 years over it. If that offends anyone, then so should the American flag (which is also used by some skinhead factions), or even the Spanish flag (which was used by a culture that was responsible for the death of nearly EVERY Native American tribe and people that once populated this land).

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    The Confederate flag was the flag of the south. The south was fighting to PRESERVE the institution of slavery. Thus, the Confederate flag is a racist flag (Yes, slavery was once more about economics than racism, but that changed over time).

    People who say it represents pride in where they come from are saying that they have pride in having racist ancestors and they are proud of what those racist ancestors stood for. So, yeah, that STILL makes it a racist flag.

    We all know what it stands for just like we all know what the swastika stands for. It's clearly defined. End of story.

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    It is a historical representation of the southern states during the civil war. To me it represents great southern rock music, southern cooking and warmer climates. It can be taken as offensive to those who have family roots who have suffered under that flags government but to me that depends on the words and actions of those who use it. I personally think the American flag should be anywhere another flag in our country is raised.

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    It means nothing to me. In my opinion it is not the flag that is the issue. It is the intent of the individual who has the flag that is of concern. Each person / or group has their own agenda. There are those who cling to this flag that have a negative agenda which is inclusive of insulting or hurting others who differ from them.

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    In Canada, I've seen this used as blinds in bedroom windows.

    And it reminds me of Dukes of Hazzard. Guess it doesn't mean much to me.

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    When I first saw it I thought it was something offensive... But at my old school a lot of kids wore it...

    Which I learned that it doesn't mean racism... Just pride in there race I guess.

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    it was never a sign of racism, the Civil war was about consolidation power in Federal government, not about slavery or racism

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    It is a symbol of a rebel, an american rebel.

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