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My 7 year old boxer dog has been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure.?

Vet said that she is not in pain but she has the symptoms of a bad hangover all the time. After reading upon this i am concerned that she is really suffering? I would like to know the degree of suffering she is in when is the time it will be best to put her out of her misery?

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    I'm so sorry your dog is so sick and I'll pray for a miracle. If nature takes it's course take her to the vet for follow ups and the vet will tell you when it's time and why. When my cat had head cancer the vet eventually told me she was in to much pain and he thought the tunor had spread to her brain (she was swaying and falling over). He said he would give her an injection for the pain but he would like me to take her in again to be put to sleep in the next three days. In the morning of day three I wrapped her up in a cozy pillow case protecter so she was like a little baby and I took her back to the vet. They took us into a room and someone who I think was a vet nurse turned on a really loud razor, got hold of her little arm and started shaving. My cat was petrified and freaked out. Before I could say "WTF?" they had jabbed her with the needle. I asked "how long does it take?" and they said "She's gone already, it's instant".

    I'm glad I had her put to sleep but will always be angry they used a really loud razor to shave her leg and made her last moments so terrible :(

    I also made sure I brought her body home for burial because I did work experience at a vets once and even though the staff were really sweet with the berieved owners, they put bodies in garbage bags and piled them up on the floor in the kennel room until at the end of the day the vet took them somewhere on the back of his UTE.

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    Kidney disease is not painful until the very end. Here are the steps you need to be doing: 1. New diet (prescription) 2. Medications (prescription) 3. Sub-q (under the skin) liquids 4. New vet Kidney disease means the kidneys can not filter the toxins from the urine out of the blood. The toxins travel to the heart causing high blood pressure and they travel to the brain causing decreased appetite and later nausea, dizziness, disorientation, and possibly seizures. But my friends dog lived for almost 2 years pain free with kidney disease, so can yours. In the meantime if your dog won't eat feed him lean chicken breast. But get him on the kidney prescription food asap, and make sure he is drinking plenty, use a bottle if you have to. ;)

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    Its personal of course, but when its terminal, and they aren't themselves anymore, can't walk, can't enjoy the yard, can't enjoy your presence, its time and its always painful

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    Give her a kiss on the cheek. At times like this, she need some intimacy, not murder.

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