does any one know of anybody who died from hep C?

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  • papaw
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    10 years ago
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    Here's just a few:

    Stanley Fafara - Actor

    Linda Lovelace - Porn star

    Lucy Saroyan - Actress

    Rocky Aoki - Japanese Businessman

    Anita Roddick - Founder, 'The Body Shop" cosmetics

    Willie DeVille - Punk Rocker

    Freddie Fender - Country & Rock & Roll Simger

    Chet Helms - San Fran. Rock Musician

    Tawn Mastrey - Disc Jockey

    (Uncle) John Turner - Blues Musician

    Randy Turner - Lead singer, 'Big Boys'

    Stew Albert - Founder of 'Yippies"

    Kenneth Zebraski - NY State Assemblyman

    Jeannine Baker - Midwife, Author

    Francisco Varela - Biologist

    Mickey Mantle - Baseball Player

    Jim Carroll - Author, poet, punk rocker

    Allen Ginsberg - Poet

    Ken Kesey - Author, "One Flew Over the Cokoo's Nest"

    Hubert Selby, Jr. - Author

    Elizabeth Young - Writer & Literary Critic

    Dharmachari Aryadaka - Buddhist Chaplain, Washington State Prison

    Evel Knievel - Motorcycle Daredevil

    Lance Loud - Actor

    James Earl Ray - MLK Assassin

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