How can I not be frigid with my first boyfriend and act more like a girlfriend?

ok so i do have a boyfriend and its not just a crush or anything silly i do love him very much. Its been almost 2 months and we hardly act like boyfriend and girlfriend. People have been saying that we look wierd together and crap but we don't care what they think. Anyway thats not the point. the point is my friend jack tried talking to him and called him frigid and he goes no shes frigid? I dno if i am or not after all it is my first boyfriend and i don't know how to act like a girlfriend? So could anyone please give any advice. Don't say be yourself, because i already am and i am not changing for anyone. So how can i be less frigid or make him hug me more and stuff. We haven't even kissed and rarely hug, only some afternoons when he is saying goodbye??

Please share your advice, it would be much appreciated.



i don't mind that much if he called me frigid, i think i have called him frigid before so we are even. i think we are both afraid to make the first move.. i am not sure how to.. usually the guy does that sort of thing? if i try talking about it nothing really happens, yea we are taking it slow but we wanna move on a little now..

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  • 10 years ago
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    That was so me with my first boyfriend! We were both really shy and neither of us had the confidence to start anything off.

    My suggestion, if you do really want to move things along, take the bull by its horns and hug him first. I know it's scary as hell, but if you start making the first moves, he might get the idea as well and before long, you're acting like the couple you want to be.

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    3 years ago

    Frigid Girlfriend

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    10 years ago

    I'm not sure what a bf or gf is in 2010.

    It used to mean that you liked somebody and you hung around with them a lot and you went on dates and you held hands and you hugged and kissed and wanted to do other things. That was when two people became bf and gf. Is that what it means to you?

    Frigid means unsexual. I don't think you are far enough into your first relationship to be sexual, especially if it is only 2 months. So this word does not apply to you now. You didn't say how old you are but I think you are a bit young. Just take your time. You have a long time ahead of you to be sexual and everything else. Go at the speed that you two want, not what your friends want.

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    10 years ago

    well first of all, if i had heard someone who was meant to "love" me, call me frigid to someone else, i would be pissed. and become even more frigid. putting that aside however.

    you initiate the hugs, talk to him about it. 2 months isnt that long though and you dont need to feel rushed into doing things, just because other people are saying its weird. but really, if you are both happy with how things are and are wanting things to move on slowly, then its fine. if you want to speed it up a bit, you might need to make the first move, or try to talk to him about it

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  • 10 years ago

    You havent even kissed eachother? That would be a good start :)

    You don't have to show public displays of affection if you dont want to, but showing your affection to him might convince him that you actually like him?

  • 4 years ago

    just be frigid together like a frigerator and freezer go together chow

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