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For some reason I'm not sure to trust this guy repairing my car, can someone help?

I took my car in for repair to this guy. He seems to know his stuff as he was giving this technical explanation, saying something about having to replace something in the engine.

Now I'm not particularly good on cars, but this guy was putting this chemical substance which I am pretty sure is NOT standard car maintenance material. He said it was to 'lubricate' the engine, but I noticed on the label it said 'contains hydrogen peroxide' and 'warning: reacts explosively with certain chemicals'.

However, he tried to reassure me, insisting it was perfectly safe and it was a substance he was used to dealing with.

I have to admit, though, he seemed to know a lot about how engines worked, he told me he sometimes repaired Boeing 747s and similar models.

So he might well be alright, it's just im not 100% sure about leaving my car with this guy for over a week, cause im not entirely sure what he could possibly do to the car...

Here's a photo of him which might help:

Do u think he looks trustworthy - should i let him anywhere near my vehicle??

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    Sure you can trust him. That's obammammamma's brother. If we trust obammammamma, we can surely trust his brother?

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    if you don't trust him. take it somewhere else.i have never hear of someone judging someone by a picture.

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