Religiously speaking, is there anything worse than falling in love with a Mormon missionary?

I think there is, it's called hemorrhoids. Not that I've suffered from both conditions....


And be nice when you talk about Mormons, I'm one myself, kinda Jack-ish but still *asks very nicely*

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    Uranus being declassified as a planet is a worse scenario.

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    Falling in love with a Mormon missionary while having hemorrhoids?

    Or, falling in love with a Mormon missionary who has hemorrhoids?

    Or, falling in love with a Mormon missionary who has hemorrhoids while you're having hemorrhoids?

    Source(s): I meant no disrespect to Mormon missionaries. I was just following on your theme. :P
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    I was, in fact, a Mormon missionary and kept falling in love with my companions . . . and you're right, it got me into a lot of trouble, not real trouble, just religious trouble. Anyway, they excommunicated me.

    This was back in the 60's when electro shock treatment was supposed to help sinners like me . . . but it didn't. So here I am shunned and living in sin with my partner of 31 years. Wish things had worked out differently with the Mormons but they have to do what their God orders them to do. Same in all religions, I suppose.

    I often miss what I had as a Mormon, the friends, the singing, the spirit of good feelings, the warmth and security. Those are good memories. I wish their God could have included me.

    I went to Vietnam in the late 60's and pretended to be a Mormon in good standing and was lucky to get some "safe" assignments because some ranking Mormons sort of watched out for me. So Mormonism probably saved my life . . . anyway there's positive and negative in all religions. I shouldn't complain. Sorry.

    The Mormons believe in three Heavenly kingdoms, so maybe I can squeak into the lowest one with my partner. That's my wish. Hope that "don't-ask-don't-tell" policy is not part of the lowest kingdom!

    Your question really got me harking back to the old times -- it seems like life times ago now.


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    I don't see what is so bad about loving a Mormon missionary. Just think, the two of you could enjoy the missionary position together!


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    But isn't it great when you get to talk to him on the phone on Christmas and Mother's Day?

    Other then the extremely rare phone calls and the letters... It's a depressing, lonely, two years on the waiting end.

    Source(s): In love with a LDS missionary.
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    Yes, falling in love with a missionary who was kicked off their mission. I had a friend who did that, she's had a very rough life.

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    Yes falling in love with a hooker is far worse and I have done it many times!

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    why the two of you could start a mission in Uranus!

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    Well,Princess,you are of the LDS faction,correct?...If not,you may have to share him with 4 or 5

    sorry,Had to do it..

    EDIT..Hey,wait a minute young lady...Are you thinking of cheating on Mitt Romney again?...I thought he was the desire of your heart...Personally,I think you and Darth would make a lovely couple..Jus' sayin'...

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    Maybe being a Mormon missionary?

  • 1 decade ago

    yes but won't go into details ((((Princess)))) I luvs u

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