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Is EVE Online offering what i want?

I have been playing Wow since about 6 months after its release years ago. I have multiple 80 and quite frankly, im tired of grinding to pass the time. End game content for me consists of heroics and maybe a few BG's if i feel like ripping my hair out. I've been looking into EVE online and it seems to be the polar opposite of wow, adding all the end game content im looking for. So does anyone who has made the switch from WoW to EVE online have a testimony for me?

What i look for in a game:


-Replay value

-High difficulty, but not cheaply so, no glitches that just kill you, or those GD bosses that have a "Death" move

- Some semblance of a wold map, which is sad becoming non-existent in the console world....

- perhaps least important of these, a working solo component. I quit hard core raiding in WoW last year because i hated building a schedule for a game... schedules are for work, not entertainment

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    Well I had played EVE for a while after WoW and let me discuss the points that you made:

    Freedom: Yes, I believe this game has some of the biggest freedoms possibility, 2nd to second life of course. You can own a ship, customize it, buy different ships, buy different guns, buy different ammo, start a corporation. Basically you could be what ever you want. You can be a ship builder, a merchant, a delivery person (really),miner, a spec ops kinda guy, and etc.

    Replay Value: As for the replay value, basically if you have ever play rpgs on consoles (mass effect, fall out),you can imagine the possibilities of your characters progression. Unlike in WoW where there are several classes, but mostly all going towards the same direction, Eve branches out. Each of the personas u want to take on are available with different abilities and experiences.

    High Difficulty: Well right off the bat I can tell you this is the most difficult game I have ever played. Not so much because of the npcs, but because of the game structure. There is so much to customize and do in EvE that at first you may seem overwhelmed. That is normal and over a day or two you will understand somewhat on how to play the game. This game is not for the feint of heart (almost like those board games such as risk with the 100 page manual, but not that hard).

    World Map: hmm no world map, but how bout a Universe Map. This is also one of the biggest somewhat sandbox type game I have ever seen. It comes with a 3d map of the Eve universe and let me tell you there is a lot of places to go. Some places may takes hours or days to get to because they are so far. This is what gives the game the small person in a big world type feeling.

    Solo: I find that I mostly play solo, though becoming part of a corp is fun. There are plenty of missions and activities you can do to keep yourself busy.

    Overall this is a great game and you should def. try the 7 day trial on their website. Hope this helped.

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    Freedom... you will not find a game with more

    replay value... THere are no set goals so you decided what you want to do thus you never reach the end....

    High Difficulty-- yes in game mechanics not so much on npc scale.... it is a pvp based game... however there are deffinatly things that you cannot do alone....

    World Map-- okay so yes there is a map..... however it will take you years to use it properly... it is a 3-d map with each dot representing a system.... with over 4k systems you get the picture.....

    Solo- you can do alot of things alone.. such as ratting, mining, anomalies so forth... there are still many activites taht you will do with your corp/alliance though....

    All in all it is a unique game worth trying and right now it is $9.95 for the game/first month....

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    First of all WoW and Eve are really pretty incomparable

    but it definitely has freedom and replay value, the difficulty depends really on what your doing (Their is no storyline as such as the history of the game is based fully on what players do)

    Youtube thumbnail

    for instance all alliances in that movie are players fighting

    their is a massive world map

    the solo bit is hard to explain, while it is definitely possible to play solo, the real fun of eve lies in large battles between players>

    that being said as skill training is time based and not grinding the a fore mentioned pvpdoesn'tt require you to schedule anything :)

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    hahahaha... I *booked* my time online for news years eve 1999... and spent the evening playing OH NO THE 2KY BUG has me.. with the different time Zones.... I've never been a big party-goer.. even when as a teenager all my friends would be out partying .. I would MAKE SURE i had a baby-sitting job lined up... Tonight ( as it is new years eve where I am) .. it will just be my hubby and myself at home for a quite night it .. (might TRY to avoid the net though)

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