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How do you read the human mind?

How to read the mind of others.. Psychologically it is possible...


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    There have been various experiments done on ESP.

    You can find information regarding this matter at the following link:


    I personally am skeptical about ESP. I would say that people can read the indications of a person's face, or physical movements, and then are able to decipher what state of mind they are in. Learning about people, and dealing with them often, is way to hone the skill of knowing how others are feeling, and may even make you "think" what they are likely thinking about given their portrayed experience.

    Hope that helps.

  • DS
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    10 years ago

    There are no mind readers in this world, just good guessers. People usually find evidence to come up with conclusions, and based on those conclusions, they attempt to outmaneuver other people by guessing their next moves. The focus of the guesser usually lies on the possible actions another person can take, while being bound by the laws of physics, etc. For instance, there are many chess masters that seem to be able to think steps ahead of their opponent, by many moves in some circumstances. This phenomena is due to chess masters having seen countless patterns and scenarios being played out on a chess board, allowing them to have insight into their opponents next move. It's not a psychic phenomena so much as it is the use of logic and reason.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    There is a structured and systematic way in psychology to read human mind. You have to understand how the human being was brought up , what were the genetic influences ? How the person had his interactions with friends , parents , siblings and how that has affected his mind. What were his thought processes in pubertal and post pubertal stage ?

    How he was doing in academics , sports and social life. What has been his tendencies , attitudes , mind set. How is his personality profile ?

    All this can be mapped systematically which will give assessment of key parameters of human mind.

  • erdosi
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    3 years ago

    of direction it somewhat is available. Is it something we are in a position to realize without technologies? I doubt you need to locate easily everyone that should qualify as an useful ideas reader. valuable there may well be a pair of circumstances whilst someone can guess wisely yet to absolutely "hear" the internal monologue of yet another person, no, we'd wish some serous technological advances before this might take place or maybe then the persons in touch might must be prepared to place as much as the implementation of the device that should facilitate this feat.

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    For this you need to be very observant and your memory must be sharp enough so that you can remember that what a particular person said at different occasions and then you can draw your conclusion based on those facts that why did he or she said so. I mind read like this and 90% of the time I'm correct about their intentions though it is not the kins of mind reading as you might be expecting i.e. instantaneous or on the spot mind reading. Observation and sharp memory are must required for this skill.

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    You pay very close attention to the tiniest of details, and listen closely to your intuition. Be careful, it takes a lot of practice to be accurate. It's also always a bad idea to use this skill in ways that take advantage of others.

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    10 years ago

    You pay attention to what the person is looking at, how they act, what they say and do. Also intuition...there's always a feeling listen to that feeling. What people say has a lot to do usually with what they are thinking.

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    Study sychology or go for the smallest details of the person whom u r inquiring about. u can seriously know what stuff is going on upstairs!!

  • 10 years ago

    i've done it lots of times

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