What is the difference between Presenile Dementia compared with Amnesia and Delirium?

As far as I can tell, an early sign of all three is short-term memory loss, but when one focuses on the presenile dementia, how does one differentiate between that and the possibility of amnesia or short-term delirium?

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    Dementia, which is commonly caused by Alzheimers (But also can be caused by other diseases like Parkinsons, and Head traumas, etc) is usually a permanent Condition. There is many different stages. Pre, Mid , and Late stage.

    Amnesia, and Delerium are temporary conditions, and can involve memory loss short term, or long term. They are usually caused by a blow to the head, or often drugs, which is the main cause for delerium, like Hallucinogenics( 'Shrooms) , LSD, etc. These conditions are usually reversible, but in science, nothing is ever concrete, black and white. THere is exceptions for everything. Dementia really is something usually considered organic, resulting from a problem inside your brain, not from outside sources.

    (Presenile DEmentia is just another word for Early Alzheimers, or Prealzheimers)

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