John Peter Zenger...1st amendment...Please help?!?

What impact did John Peter Zenger have on the 1st amendment?

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    The King's Governor(William Cosby) was a mean,cold-hearted governor,so two lawyers encouraged John Peter Zenger to start a newspaper that criticized William Cosby,and the way he governed.Cosby had Zenger arrested and sent to jail.The government's lawyer said Zenger was guilty of libel(saying bad things about someone when it isn't true)

    But,these things were true,for the most part.

    My point is,if it weren't for the First Amendment,many people would be unjustly put in jail for speaking their minds,like Zenger was.

    Hope this helps!:)

    Source(s): A History of Us:From Colonies to Country by Joy Hakim
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