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What is a lutz in figure skating???????????figure skaters please answers?????????Thanks!!!?????????????????

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    Definition: A lutz jump is done just like the flip, but the takeoff is from a back outside edge instead of a back inside edge.

    Alternate Spellings: Lutz Jump or lutz


    The lutz jump was invented by a Austrian man named Alois Lutz who first performed the jump in competition in 1913.

    The lutz jump must be taken off from the back outside edge and is considered a counter-rotated jump. It is very difficult to stay on a back outside edge as the skater takes off; if the skater does allow the blade of the take off edge to roll over to an inside edge, the jump does not receive full credit and is consided a flip jump. This mistake on a lutz has been nicknamed a "flutz."

    Some skaters laugh about the lutz since the term rhymes with "klutz."

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    A lutz is a "toe jump." It is approached with a left backward outside edge then the skater picks their right foot into the ice and jumps counterclockwise, then lands on a right back outside edge.

    It's considered one of the more difficult jumps because of the entrance, the skater is going to the left but needs to jump to the right.

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