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What type of portable generator should I buy for my boat?

I have a 280 Sea Ray Sundancer. I am looking to purchase a portable generator/inverter. I have been looking at Honda and Yamaha. Will the 2000 be able to power my AC, do I need the 3000 for that?

Thanks for the help!


it is a 13,500 BTU AC unit

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    Without knowing the size of your air conditioning I would probably go with the Honda 3.0. I say this because if you don't have enough power and continue using your air two things can occur, the first is that you can over tax your generator and its life span is shortened. The second is that you could also put too much stress on the compressor and have the air conditioning burn out as well.

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  • mark t
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    Buying a portable generator for use on a boat is very dangerous. There is no place to safely put the generator so that you don't get co2 poisoning. You can get an inverter with a dedicated battery, may not be able to handle your a/c. The best and safest thing you could do is get a marine generator.. If you look online at there is an article about 3 people that died in a houseboat just this week because of a portable generator. Be safe.

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    The Honda EU2000i should be enough to run the AC unit, but nothing else. I did the same thing when I had a smaller Express Cruiser. If ANYTHING kicks in, it'll trip the breaker. Go with the larger generator. Then it won't work so hard.

    Remember, it's not just the AC unit, but also the cooling water pump too.

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  • Ned
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    How many amps does your AC pull when starting up. That will tell you what size generator once the amps are multiplied by 120volts this will give you the KW.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Buy a small little generator.

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