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Who do you think will win this years Money in the Bank + YWWA Quest for the Best Main Event Results(Repost)?

Main Event, Quest for the Best Match (Winner faces the World Champion in the main event at Call to Greatness):

Deadman 4 Life vs Justin vs Charlie Scene vs Dark Demon vs Straight Edge Punk vs Christian #1 Peep vs Crazy Mother Punker vs Graduation Bear vs Y2J The World Is Yours vs The Legacy Continues:

In perhaps the most anticipated YWWA match in history, 10 of YWWA’s finest faced off in a No DQ match, ach of them looking for 1 pin or submission to send them onto Call to Greatness to face the World Champion. All 10 men made their way to the ring 1 by 1. More than half of the superstars had a reason to face PD for revenge, but to do it they had to win in their hardest match ever on YWWA. The bell sounded and fans went directly to their feet as a giant pit of 10 superstars piled on top of each other. All hell broke loose already. Men were flying over the top rope until the only men left were CMP and Y2J. CMP swung for Y2J but Y2J ducked and immediately put CMP in the Arm Trap Crossface! Not even a minute into the battle and already a finisher was applied! CMP screamed in pain and could have been a second away from taping out if Y2J’s close friend Justin hadn’t rushed in and broke up the hold. Justin pulled Y2J off CMP and the 2 stared eye to eye. CMP began to get up during the middle of the stare down when Justin turned away from Y2J and clotheslined CMP over the top rope and to the floor. He made 1 more glance at Y2J before vaulting onto CMP on the floor. Peep then snuck into the ring and snuck behind Y2J waiting to hit a Spinning Unprettier. He caught Y2J from behind and set up for it. But Y2J was prepared and threw Peep off sending him into TLC who hit him with an inverted backbreaker. TLC then spotted his friend G Bear on the apron about to enter the ring and TLC dropkicked him off and back into the pile of superstars on the floor. At this time Y2J exited the ring and started brawling with Demon on the outside. TLC awaited as Justin entered into the ring. Now things got very interesting. 2 of YWWA’s top talents getting ready to go off 1 on 1. The 2 ran full speed ahead towards each other and traded punches left and right. Each man failed to dagger and they each stood their ground. That is until Justin kneed TLC into the groin and followed it up with a DDT. Justin went for the 1st pin. 1, 2, kick out. Justin got up off TLC and noticed CMP on the apron so he went and took him down back to the floor. Unfortunately the distraction cost him and TLC was up. He uppercuted Justin 3 times backing him into the corner, until sending him down with a hip toss. TLC went right for a pin but Demon immediately came rushing in with a kendo stick! Demon nailed it off the back of TLC, and then across the face of him sending him over the top rope and crashing to the floor. G Bear was about to enter the ring as well but Demon stopped him with a kendo stick to the ribs and then pushed him back to the floor. But now Justin was up. The man known as Hardcore in YWWA snatched the kendo stick from Demon and started hitting Demon all across the body with it. Shots to the legs, arms, ribs, back, and then he finished him off with a shot to the head. Justin seemed to have everyone cleared from his way when all of a sudden Deadman entered the ring. Justin swung the kendo stick for his head but instead Deadman grasped his hand around Justin’s throat. Deadman prepared for a chokeslam but then G Bear finally got his momentum and rushed into the ring and hit a double clothesline on the 2 men. Fans cheered for G Bear. G Bear picked up Deadman and threw him forcefully over the ropes. He then did the same for Justin. Then he hit a running shoulder block sending Demon over the ropes as well! G Bear was cleaning house. But he failed to notice Y2J on the top rope. Y2J dove off and hit G Bear with a missile dropkick. Y2J quickly ran for the pin but by the time the ref counted 2; CMP, Punk, and Deadman all ran in and broke up the count. Directly after the pin those same 3 men joined the massive brawl taking place on the outside once again. Y2J saw his chance and he vaulted over the top rope and landed on 5 men that were fighting on the outside! Y2J was having a very impressive night. Meanwhile TLC was working on Peep on the outside opposite of all the carnage. TLC banged Peep’s head off 1 of the announce tables, and stripped both tables down. Fans were on their feet not knowing what to expect. TLC put Peep on the announce table and joined him up there. That’s when he set up for a Legacy Cutter! Fans were cheering and not a single person was sitting down. That’s when TLC hit a Legacy Cutter on Peep from 1 announce table to the other! Fans were amazed and chanted “Holy $hit!” Peep and TLC without a doubt were down and out. Continuing on the match, Y2J threw Scene hard into the steel steps. Y2J then proceeded to stomp him while he was against the steps. Luckily for Scene’s sake, felloe Mob member CMP hit a running bulldog on Y2J. Fans popped out


Rest on as PD answer

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    50/10 for last match,epic.

    Congrats Y2J TWIY.

    WQ:To tell ya the truth,my moneys on Drew McIntyre.Hes the obvious choice with all the hype leading up to it.Hes been the only one who got talked about for the match.And Vince has a thing for Irish people,I mean,the only Irish wwe wrestler that didnt get pushed was Finlay,the others AKA Sheamus and Hornswoggle get pushed a lot lol.

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    I don't understand the post but Whoa that is one LONG match.

    To answer your question thought, I think Christian might win it this year. It's time that WWE gave him the respect he deserves by giving him a main event push and they can do that by having him win the Money In The Bank ladder match.

    Source(s): Mr. WrestleMania [17-1]
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    Who do i want to win the Money In The Bank? Christian or Kofi Kingston

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    Well I think that Shelton Benjamin, Kofi Kingston, or Christian is going to win MITB. One of them is going to win it.

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    Fans popped out of their seats to make sure Y2J was ok after he landed face 1st to the hard floor. CMP threw Y2J into the ring and checked around him to make sure he was clear. He punched Punk to make sure he stayed away, then entered back in the ring. But that extra punch came back to bite CMP because Y2J was already at his feet and hit CMP with an inziguri. Both men fell to the mat and were down. Now Punk was free to get involved. He scaled the top rope and dove off to hit CMP with a top rope legdrop. He went for the pin. 1, 2, and then Scene saved his partner by pulling Punk out of the ring to break the pin. Justin now was behind Scene and had a steel chair in hand. Scene turned around and Justin swung. But Scene ducked it and Justin hit Punk right across the head. Scene then hit a low blow on Justin to make him drop the chair, and delivered a snap suplex onto the floor. Meanwhile the fight on the outside raged on. G Bear and Deadman were at the top of the ramp fighting their hearts out when G Bear was able to lock Deadman in a Bear Hug. Submissions didn’t count on the outside but it still could wear Deadman down. Soon Deadman was nearly passed out, and G Bear finished him off by lightly pushing him off the edge of the ramp having him crash down to the sound equipment below stage level! Fans once again resumed in a “Holy $hit” chant. After 20 excruciating minutes Demon was in the ring with CMP alone. Demon had a chair in the ring with him and it allowed him to do serious damage. He drove the chair several times into the ribs of CMP as he was pressed against the turnbuckle. Then Demon delivered a devastating DDT on CMP onto the chair as it was set up in the sitting position! Fans reached their feet and awed at that innovative and hardcore move. Demon could now have had the win. He grabbed the chair and drove it into Scene’s ribs who was on the apron. Justin also climbed the apron and Demon drove it into his ribs as well to take him back down. Now Peep was on the apron and Demon whaled the chair across Peep’s head! The sound echoed through every inch throughout the arena! Fans awed once more and Peep fell to the floor and bled buckets! Demon was impressing everyone and was holding his own against top notch superstars. But right when he turned around Scene was in the ring and hit Demon with a Scene Shaker! Scene was seconds away from closing in on a victory. 1, 2, and then his own partner CMP pulled him off! Fans were shocked and cheered! Scene got up and so did CMP. Scene yelled at CMP and an argument was about to erupt. That was before G Bear entered the ring. G Bear came in and hit both men with a double Grizzly Function. The Mob was all down and G Bear put them down. Just then Y2J came out of nowhere into the ring and put G Bear in an Arm Trap Crossface! G Bear was in danger of taping out and Y2J was seconds away from his biggest win in YWWA ever! G Bear held out his hand as if he were about to tap when TLC came back in. He backed up looking to hit a running punt to Y2J’s head. He took off and Y2J quickly released his hold and dodged out of the way causing TLC to kick his friend G Bear! Y2J then caught TLC off guard with his own finisher; The Legacy Cutter! Both men were down. Just then Justin and Punk seemed to be the only 2 men left standing. They stood on the ring apron and tried to knock each other down. The man who would be able to enter the ring had an amazing chance to be able and get the gigantic win! Punk and Justin slugged it out and Punk was able to make Justin back up into the post. Punk prepared to put 1 foot into the ring when Justin ran across the apron and Speared Punk sending himself and Punk down thriving to the floor! Fans were on their feet and went insane! This match was a wild and chaotic rampage! Bodies were everywhere and all of them down. CMP and Y2J were the 1st 2 to stir, and Y2J was the 1 to capitalize by putting CMP in an Arm Trap Crossface! CMP had nothing left to put up a fight after a 35 long minutes! Finally right before it looked like he was about to pass out he slowly taped out! Fans absolutely exploded! The man they had so much faith in, loved so much, a man that dedicated his entire career to YWWA had finally overcome every single odd and gained the biggest win in his YWWA career! Fans cried and cheered as loud as they possibly could. Y2J looked to even be a bit teary. After being in YWWA since the very start he finally had done what he was always capable of. Headlining the biggest YWWA ppv ever with a shot at the World title in the main event! The last image viewed for the Quest for the Best ppv was Y2J on his knees with a blank look on his face letting the most epic win of his career finally sink in.

    Winner: Y2J The World Is Yours (#1 Contender for the World Championship at Call to Greatness)

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