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What do you think Napolitano Condemns Arizona Anti-Immigrant Law?

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said Thursday that she opposed local legislation that would make Arizona the first state in the nation to criminalize undocumented immigrants.

“In my judgment, that’s not the best way to structure your law-enforcement and immigration enforcement system,” said the former Arizona governor who stood by her three-time vetoes of similar legislation.

Speaking before an audience of students at Arizona State University, Napolitano reiterated the Obama administration’s commitment to change immigration policies. She pointed to a recent set of principles set out by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

“We are working with the senators and some other members of the Congress on what actual bill language will look like and how it would actually work,” she said without providing a timeline.

But her visit didn’t happen without protests.

Outside the university, dozens of demonstrators called for more than rhetoric from the Secretary of Homeland Security.

“We are tired of them telling us that they’re against these laws and they want immigration reform. We want action,” said Carlos Garcia, an organizer with the PUENTE immigrant rights’ movement.

The group that has opposed Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s immigration policies denounced the Department of Homeland Security’s ongoing cooperation with that law-enforcement agency through an agreement known as 287(g).

“Sheriff Arpaio has proven himself to be so abusive of civil rights and human rights that he should not have any contracts sanctioned by the federal government,” said Monica Sandschafer, founder and interim executive director of Leading United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) a coalition of families fighting for social and economic justice.

Sandschafer said that the 287(g) program in the jails has provided an incentive for local police to arrest undocumented immigrants for minor violations like traffic stops, so they could be deported.

Rosa Gutiérrez, a U.S. citizen and resident of Maryvale, a predominantly Latino community that has been severely affected by the economic meltdown, joined the protests.

She blamed the former governor’s immigration policies in Arizona, such as employer sanctions and 287(g) agreements for the crisis the state faces.

“Since she started attacking Latinos, Phoenix is in ruins,” said Gutiérrez, 48. “Everybody is leaving and the businesses are closed. We don’t have work. Before they started doing that, this place was the American dream.”

Another official in the Obama administration was also the subject of protest yesterday.

Attorney General Eric Holder was in Phoenix for a mortgage fraud summit and couldn’t avoid questions about the status of a Department of Justice investigation into racial profiling by Arpaio’s office.

Holder said that the investigation was “serious.”

"Our civil rights division is working on it in conjunction with the U.S. Attorney's Office here in Arizona, and I expect that we will produce results, but at this point the investigation is ongoing,” he said.

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    Its funny how Napolitano speaks for illegal aliens rather then Americans. Maybe its time for us to protest against her and send dozens of letters into her office to show our disapproval of her job. She is supposed to uphold the law not obstruct it.

    Obama claims that he wants to enforce the border while giving Amnesty and free Health care to illegal aliens. In my opinion you cannot do both so Obama is nothing but a lying sack of crap.

    We tried to impeach Clinton for getting a BJ. I feel that what Obama is doing is a lot worse then getting a BJ in the oval office. I think its time to start asking for an impeachment of Obama rather then let this ****** obstruct justice. If that leads to Civil War oh well. Its time to take our country back from forces that wanna destroy it.

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    The reason why is because to come into the USA illegally, a state line (and in this case, likely a national boundary too) is being crossed.

    It's a legitimate question of jurisdiction; immigration violations are matters across state and/or national lines and thus belong in federal courts, not state courts. Immigration violations are federal matters. Whether you like it or not, a state doesn't have standing to criminalize illegal immigration; that's federal territory.

    Because of that, I disagree completely with anyone attacking Janet Napolitano on that issue. Local law enforcement may arrest for violations, but they are obligated to then turn them in to federal authorities who will then take it from there. I have no problem with what Napolitano said, if it is true that Arpaio is trying to subvert federal law (which cannot be ascertained at this time).

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    She graduated from San Jose State. I am not sure she understand the meaning of racism, and in fact, is prone to calling everything that moves... racism. The problem that co-exists with that idea is, she is doing Obama's will. You have to ask if Napolitano is doing the bidding of Obama, and if he is, shouldn't we have a nice long discussion about racism with Obama.

    I do not like a great deal that ICE has done. In addition, while the electronic fence was supposed to be in place along the border in large part, nothing is there. But also not the Border Patrolmen. It appears that when the fence failed as a protection device, Napolitano quit enforcing the law.

    A good article!!

    SMITH: Adhere to rule of law on immigration policy


    She pointed to a recent set of principles set out by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

    Read the article. Understand that if just the law enforcement tools are put in place, (and they could have been there five years ago), we won't have to do a 2.6 trillion dollar amnesty. Self deportation will take place all over this country. I don't believe there are ..just... 11 million illegal aliens. Put the law enforcement tools in place, forget the amnesty, and we will save trillions of dollars.

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    Its a tempest in a teapot. whether you're serious with reference to the recent regulation, there is purely no way it may proceed to exist a constitutional try. So the passionate combatants and supporters of the regulation will ought to locate yet another outlet; it's going to be repealed or overtunred by ability of the courts quickly. And whilst i think of the regulation is the classic manufactured from overzealous unthinking Republican lawmaking at its maximum appropriate, we actually do ought to concentration on immigration reform quickly. The humorous area is: proposed Dem immigration reform legislations includes a nationwide identity card! I thohjght that replaced into partly what Dems are up in hands approximately. in spite of, i'm worried with it.

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    Call it whatever you want, Illegal or Undocumented, the result is still the same, They demand the rights of American Citizens when they have no right to do so. Until our government puts CITIZENS FIRST, the new immigrant will continue to:

    Want to BE in America, NOT BE AMERICAN.

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    If Napolitano has her way she will hire former Mexican police officers. If Napolitano did such a wonderful job as the Arizona governor might she explain why Phoenix is the number 1 kidnapping city in America ? Apparently Napolitano is still in the state of the system work with the Christmas bomber, it worked she said, it worked

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    Sheriff Joe is a T-R-U-E American Hero and Janet Napolitano is in charge of Homeland Security for Mexico She protects the illegals and gives them sanctuary like the Anti-American she is.

    Who's country is this, anyway??

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    It's a puzzle to me.

    Illegal aliens are criminals by definition. They broke the law coming here. Many commit additional crimes of document fraud and identity theft to remain here. Don't tell me illegals are just looking for a better life. Shoplifters and burglars just want better lives, too.

    Functional people stay in their own countries, or at least go about emigrating according to established laws.

    Illegals and people who condone their behavior are ALL criminals.

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    Janet Napolitano is the best example of someone in a control position who's ignorance and incompetency are is only exceeded by her "good looks".

    As long as she's at the helm of homeland security, there will be none.

    She should have been fired the moment she opened her fat mouth declaring "the system works" regarding catching and disarming terrorists BEFORE they detonate a bomb aboard a plane and accidentally setting their underwear on fire.

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    They are ILLEGAL ALIENS, not immigrants. IMMIGRRANTS are those who come here LEGALLY. Obama and his cronies want to give illegals instant citizenship because they will get their votes if they do. How many illegals do you think would actually want that since they would then have to start paying into the system the now abuse? Also, NO ANCHOR BABIES! Kids born to illegals are not American...they belong to the same country as their parents.

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