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what would you consider the best web page development program?

im 17 and am currently learning how to build websites using dream weaver. i really enjoy it and am getting pretty good at it. i was wondering if anyone knows the main programs used in the real life industry for web page design. all answers are welcome. thank you

check out my website at

its my first one ever so give me a break. but any tips and tricks wuld b greatly appreciated . thx.

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    Hey Zak,

    Dreamweaver is the de facto standard so that's certainly not a bad one to be learning. In my opinion though if you truly want to be a good web developer you will learn to write all the code by hand rather than using some kind of WYSIWYG editor. My personal recommendation is Slick Edit ( ), it's a great editor for a lot of different languages - but it's not free. They do have deep discounts for students though. If you don't want to spend any money then something like Notepad++ would probably be just fine too.

    Photoshop (Gimp is a good open source alternative) is also a de facto standard.

    Now as for your website... I'm not trying to be harsh, I'm only trying to help you get better at what you want to do.

    Let's start with looks. The color scheme is hard on the eyes. How often do you see a darker green background like what you're using?

    Your menu buttons (Home, Products, Specials, etc.) they really need some padding around the text so it's not so close to the edge of the button. The buttons along the left hand side - some of them are hard to read due to font family and font size. Drop shadows are kind of neat looking but they aren't doing you any favors here.

    "Accesories" on the right hand side is spelled wrong. It's "Accessories". This happens a LOT because most of us are not the best spellers in the world. You either have to get better at spelling or find someone else to look over your work and point out spelling/grammar errors.

    The best thing you can do to learn how to make a more attractive interface is to look at a lot of other sites. See what color schemes they use. Notice how they use curves instead of straight lines.

    And now a bit about the technical stuff... I notice you have a "Products.html" page and a "specials.html" page. It doesn't matter whether you capitalize the first letter or leave them all lowercase - but it's pretty important that you get in the habit of being consistent. It will make your life a lot easier if you always do the same thing.

    Table-based design is a habit you should break right now. Learn how to use CSS to control the look and layout of your pages.

    All CSS and Javascript should be external files and they should be packed/minified. You can find a Javascript packer here: and a CSS minifier here:

    There are some very helpful extensions you can get for the Firefox web browser that will help you:



    Web Developer:

    That should be plenty to keep you busy for a while. Keep on learning!

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    I've been learning web design myself for a few years now and I've attended several college courses. Over these years I've met many people in the Industry through various sources including forum sites, and even the most experinced designers with years and years in the industry will be using Dreamweaver. FACT.

    I subscribe to 'Web designer' magazine which cover loads of tips and tricks. Most of these are done in DW! There are, of course, hardened hand coders who'll tell you not to use any programme and embrace note pad instead. This is because DW causes more problems in the design stage, but once you get your head around the issues that DW can cause, then I would use it primarliy for the time saving reason - hand coding takes hours!!!!

    I do hand code CSS and HTML, but with DW at my side. Both techniques work well for me.

    As for your site - Visually, it looks clear and is easy to navigate but, you need to ditch using tables for layout. Tables are for tabular content only. Once you can get your head around using CSS to style DIV tags for your page layout, you'll soon wonder why you ever used tables in the first place!

    Most people will tell you that hit counters are 'old hat' and look pretty tacky in web pages these days - though there are other ways that you can compile information on the number of hits your site gets.

    You seem to be learning a lot of Javascript - well done!!


    Worcester, UK.

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    Dreamweaver, since it is so versatile, is used by amateurs and professionals alike. Most of the Adobe products (Reader, Photoshop, Dreamweaver) service all levels of designers!

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    Hm im not sure, but i know with wordpress you can do lots of awesome designs and websites!

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