Jiloca Family History?

I've been doing a research on the history of the Jiloca Family. Based on available information in the internet, the name "Jiloca" originated in a province in Spain. It is somewhat related to a valley, river, etc. in Zarragoza, Spain. In 2001, I came across a person in the internet with the name "Jiloca" in Madrid, Spain. I sent him an e-mail but never got a reply. It could be because my mail was in English and he could hardly understand it. Now I'm trying to search for the same person in the internet but could not find it anymore. Based on "word of mouth" information when I was based in Iloilo City, Philippines, the Jiloca family started in the Philippines this way: A guardia civil named "Jiloca" was once assigned in a pueblo in Cabatuan, Iloilo during the late 1700's of the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines. The said guardia civil was then designated as Pueblo Mayor and married a local. Though this information could not be verified with documents (as of now) but at least this is a good start in tracing the roots of the Jiloca family. I hope there are still Jilocas in Spain who could help me out on this. Gracias!

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    Jiloca is the name of a shire in the province of Teruel, Aragón, Spain

    The shire is named after the river Jiloca.

    In the middle ages, when administrators started to use surnames there were 4 kind of surnames:

    - Based on profession, like Schumacher (shoe maker in german)

    - Based on nicknames, like Bush

    - Based on origin, like Jiloca

    - Based on family, like Johnson (son of John) or Sánchez (son of Sancho)

    So it seems that someone who was original from Jiloca.

    Luckily for you Jiloca is among the less common surnames in Spain... so it will be relatively easy....

    Unluckily for you the probability of a Jiloca from Spain looking at this forum..... it's really low.

    You could try also looking for Xiloca.

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