what do you use whne doing v/v% methanol?

what do you use when calculating V/ V % for methanol ...

we'r doing simple distillation

started with 50 ml impure water methanol..stopped at 47 in recovery..confused bcuz we were supposed to stop at around 44 so do we use 47 and comment on the error factor

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    10 years ago
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    v/v% means the amounts of each liquid in the mix were measured by volume (as opposed to weight). This unit is often reported when mixing two liquids as it is very easy to measure volumes of liquids.

    You didn't really give enough information to help me answer your other question. If you know how much of each water and methanol was in your original solution (the v/v% of each), and you know you added 47ml vs. 44, then you can uses the v/v% to determine how much of each water and methanol was added.

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