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On what website can i find an estimate for an electric bill?

I'm doing a project for school and i need to calculate what my electric ( and utilities) bill would be for a a typical one bedroom apartment and i seem to be having trouble finding a good site.

Can you help me?

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    There are two factors that govern the amount of the electric bill - consumption and energy cost rate.

    Both of these factors are very location specific - consumption is very much a consequence of life style, culture, and environmental considerations including weather.. The amount of electrical energy consumed in a 'typical one bedroom apartment' in New York City is very different from the amount consumed in a similar apartment in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Tokyo or New Delhi.

    The other issue is the cost rate for electrical energy. Again, this is highly variable depending on the fuel used to produce electricity and the basis of operation of the electricity market.

    You need to be much more specific about WHERE your hypothetical apartment is. And you probably won't find a web site that will tell you the answer you are looking for, but rather will need to do some additional work to derive that answer from more fundamental information that you may be able to find on the web.

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    Do you have an old electricity bill? If you can find one, it will have the tariff details printed on it. The tariff usually involves a scale such as 15 cents or pence for each of the first 100 units (kW-Hours), 10 cents or pence for each of the next 200 units and so on. Different tariffs are available and some are divided into two or more pricing schemes. For example, you might have one pricing scheme for the lighting and power and another for the "off-peak" hot water, and yet another for a farm related water pump. Some energy companies also give a discount of 5% to customers who paid within a week of receiving the bill. You could always call the "billing enquiries" number of your supplier and ask for exact details.

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    A) multiply the wattage labelled on the back of each device by the number of hours it is used for

    B) add up all the products in A

    C) divide by 1000 watts in a kilowatt.

    D) multiply by 30 days

    E) mutliply by $ per kWh.

    40 W lamp times 1 hour = 40 Wh.

    100 W lamp times 2 hours = 200 Wh

    300 W TV times 4 hours = 1200 Wh

    600 W microwave times 1/10 of an hour = 60 Wh

    Add up all the watt-hours:

    1500 Wh

    Divide by 1000 to get kilowatt hours

    1.5 kWh

    Multiply by 30 days in a month = 45 kWh per month

    Multiply by $ per kWh ( I pay less than $0.10 per kWh) = $4.50

    (of course, this is just an example - you'll probably have lots more appliances in use).

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    You just need to calculate your kilowatt usage per hour and find out what the utility rate.

    Killowatt Hours X Price = Utility Bill

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