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Question about Guns N' Roses "Right Next Door To Hell" & "The Garden of Eden"?

A few Questions about Guns N' Roses songs from the "Use Your Illusion I" album:

What did the song mean by incorporating "Jesus don't you get tired of turnin' tricks" in "Right Next Door To Hell"? Did any critics consider that line sacreligious? Was the band talking about how Jesus is permitting suffering since the narrator/singer is living in a society that's "right next door to hell"?

What did Guns N' Roses mean by "The Garden of Eden" song? Are they mocking contemporary society because society is saying humanity lives in a utopian "garden of eden"?


I saw wondering because all the lyric websites states "Jesus" and not "Geez"...huh, weird....

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    He's not talking about Jesus. When he says 'jesus' he says it like 'GEEZ'. The song is about his (at the time) on again/off again relationship with Stephanie ????. The same girl he wrote November Rain and most of the other songs about. The song has nothing to do with Jesus and the suffering of society but instead about his own personal suffering living with the ups and downs of his relationship with his girlfriend. This was all explained in their Rolling Stones interview just before the records came out... :)

    Source(s): Edit: Sorry I was a bit confusing... he does say 'Jesus' but he doesn't mean it 'literally'... he means it as though he's saying 'geez' just like he could be saying 'man, don't you get tired... or anything simular... like if someone near you does something funny; you might say 'jesus, you're funny!' 'geez' was just an example... sorry for the confusion :)
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