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What are the odds of Obama being elected on Nov 4 2008 & the Illinois State Lottery winnings are 6-6-6?

occurring the very next day...(Nov 5 2008)

Visit the Illinois Lottery website and scroll down to the date Nov 5 2008...under the "Evening Pick 3" Lottery Result

Keep in mind, Obama was a representative of Illinois

and notice the numbers below the 6 -6 -6 numbers....


God's Number

What an interesting coincidence....

Ha ha...all you Obama supporting Schm___cks are in league with the numero uno Schm_ck himself. Sucks to be you. That means for all eternity you !diots who voted for this Schm__ck will be remembered as supporting this !diot. I hate to have that on my resume....

lol's not looking good for you m-o-r-ons. lol

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    I don't know what the odds are. Speaking of moreons you have to be the biggest one to ever post on politics. It is fair to call you a moron since in your question you decided to call all of us by that name.

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    were the idiots? someone who believes 666 means Obama is some evil man or antichrist.

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