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How is Angus T. Jones have more money then Miley Cirus?

Angus T. Jones was listed as having a net worth for the top ten richest teens ahead of Miley Cirus?Angus T Jones is the kid that plays on Two And a Half Men and i know he makes a few other movies but i didnt know that he made more on two and a half men thenn Miley Cirus makes with akll the things she does. Angues was listed 4th on the list and Miley was listed 8th

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    He can certainly act better than Miley so maybe he gets paid more than Miley. Also he is one of the three major characters on a very popular tv show. I would think more people watch 2 1/2 Men than people watch Hannah Montana...

    Source(s): Andrea, its the Internet Movie Database....Not International Movie Database.
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    Well, Two & a Half Men has been airing since 2003, while the Hannah Montana craze didn't really take off until around 2006. Not to mention, I'm sure the contract amounts are much higher for network television programs than Disney contracts. Agnus T Jones is such a critical part of the show that I'm sure he is compensated accordingly. Also keep in mind that the target market for Hannah Montana is limited to pretty much young girls and maybe perverted men. Two & a Half Men is a show that aims at a much larger target audience (men, women, teens, etc.).

    Source(s): International Movie Database
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  • 1 decade ago

    It's spelled "Cyrus"


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