I saw the following the following information about The Mutant Chronicles written in wikipedia...?

[The source of Information]


なお、2008年公開のアメリカ映画「変異編年史」(The Mutant Chronicles、ザ・ミュータント・クロニクル)は、


[A summary in japanese]:

"The Mutant Chronicles almost follows a setting of the world where the story of Casshern take place. The big war between Big 4 Coorporation Empires,Bauhaus dynasty,The Mishima dynasty Empire etc is inspired by the war in Casshern..."

Is that true?

I went to verify the truth to official site of The Mutant Chronicles...but The chronicles is based on the game which has the same name....

There was noooot the above-mentioned information in official site!!

Please tell me truth!!

(Sorry for my poor english...)


Sorry,i would like to correct the title of this question.

"I saw the following information about The Mutant Chronicles written in wikipedia...but"

>Cookie cutter

You funny guy,Cookie.

I like you...it's why i'm going to kill you last.

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    I wrote that on Wikipedia!!!!!!!!!!!! I lied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :)


    Cool! Tom_Shalom!!!!!! I like being the last one killed! Maybe I'll have a chance to come back to life for the sequel!!!! Yay! lol You made my day! :) peace

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    That is not how it went down in the movie.

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