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How can I stop my mother from meddling in my financial affairs?

My mother is constantly on my case for every little thing telling how to spend my money. I am 45 years old if she finds out that I am having ANY financial difficulty (even when I tell her I'm handling the problem and that it is none of her business) she still badgers me about it. She questions every purchase I make and asks me if the suit I'm wearing is new. Even if I say no she ridicules me on how I spend my money. I can't stand it anymore! She pretends that she has no control over what she says but I think that is a cop out. Please give me advice on this PSYCHO MONEY MOTHER!!!

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    Ok...don't share any of you're money issues with her. And as long as you don't go to her to bail you out of a jam then tell her this.

    Look Mum, I'm a 45 year old women, it's my money that I'm spending and whether I spend it wisely or I don't is of no concern of yours. It should only be an issue for you if I came to you to bail me out but I don't. I have heard you're advice over the years and some I've taken to heart and some I've not but at my age I'm allowed to make my own choices and my own mistakes...I love you very much but I would appreciate it if my financial issues were off limits to you from now on.

    And each time she tries to bring it up after that..either hang up on her, or leave her home etc

    She will get the hint.

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    Simple, avoid conversations about your spendings and earnings. She can't badger you about things she has no knowledge of. If she asks about your financial situation just keep it to a brief "doing fine" and change the subject.

    You say you are 45, are you still living with her? Do you sometimes borrow from her? How does she know so much?

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    the superb way? nicely, she defrauded the government by applying representing herself as an authorized occasion to make alterations to his financial affairs. this is against the regulation. and that i might permit the government know approximately this. I additionally think of that your husband needs to chat to her. of course, he's allowing the meddling to proceed. that's his accountability to tell her to stay out of your funds. If he's no longer keen, i think of i might do the legal action and spot what happens. i'm valuable which you all relish an amicable dating, and you do no longer decide for to rock the boat. yet she is walking all over the the two considered one of you. perhaps you are able to desire to chat to her and clarify the region, and tell her how unlawful it grew to become into what she did. yet I also have a feeling that doesn't rely to her. i think of the smack of a criminal charge could be something that wakes her as much as the errors of her strategies.

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    tell her to back off straight up. finish and klaar

    you are a man with an independent life and the word independent means not depending and standing on your own,look iam 25, own house and bills and no one tells me jag about what i do with my money or life

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    Buy her a coffin. Tell her the price is going up and by the time she dies, the price may be beyond your budget.

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    shes your mother, YOU CAME OUT OF HER. she just doesnt want you to fail.

    relax, youre 45 years old, you should be used to this by now, in one ear, out the other, placate, placate placate. smile and nod. easy.

    its all coming from love, dont let it make you angry.

    Source(s): im only 27 but my mother is the same way. cept she forces money on me.. i'll tell her i have 1000 in savings and she worries if i have enough to pay my $39 cable bill.. its not logical, its just motherly instinct going crazy.
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