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這首音樂是什麼>...... 一直找不到>..網誌上的音樂

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    Auburn的Don't give up

    This goes out to my homegirls 這首歌獻給我的宅女朋友們

    This goes out to my homies 我A麻吉~

    Baby girl, I know that you've been off track


    You feel like taking one step forward, taking two back


    No matter how hard you try, things always go bad


    The thought of a better life, you'll never know that


    You smile on the out, but inside you hurt 妳發自內心的微笑

    You say that you're fine, but you feel unsure


    Try to replace the pain by saying false words


    You see that girl in the mirror but don't know her


    But the tears can't wash away 眼淚無法拭去

    All the fears you haven't faced 妳還沒面對過所有的害怕呀

    Baby girl, don't lose your faith 小女孩,不要失去信念

    'Cause the storm don't last always 因為暴風雨總會停

    This goes out to my homegirls 這首歌獻給我的宅女朋友們

    Know it's hard to make it in this world 在這個世界上要成功很困難

    I know you try 我知道妳會嘗試

    And it feels like 而感覺總像

    Nothing goes right 沒有一件事情做得對

    But it'll be alright 但是一切會沒事的

    This goes out to my homies 這首歌獻給我的麻吉朋友

    Tryna survive out in these streets 在江湖上走闖

    I know it's tough 我知道不好混

    Forced to grow up 不得不長大

    Life 日子要過 But keep ya head up 但是要抬頭挺胸

    Baby boy, the streets, it's all that you know


    You dream of a higher place, but you stay low


    And when you go home and mad and you're all alone


    Wanna call out to your boys (but they're all gone)


    You tell yourself (that you don't need) 你告訴自己(你才不需要)

    No one else (but if only) 任何人(只是如果能夠的話…)

    You would try (won't give no need) 你會去試(不會逞強)

    Won't have to hide (what you're feeling)


    Baby girl, keep your head up 小女孩,打起精神來

    Promise me you'll never give up 答應我妳永遠不會放棄

    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ,oh 喔…

    Baby boy, keep your head up 小男孩,爭氣點

    Promise me you'll never give up 答應我你永遠都不放棄

    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ,oh 喔…

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  • 10 years ago

    Auburn-Don'to Give Up

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