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Lady Leo asked in PetsReptiles · 1 decade ago

What are some Reptiles that dont require UVB?


Before you start saying if you cant provide UVB lighting dont get a rep. thats not the case at all. I have 2 leo geckos and this summer were making a nice large cage for them much like this pic:

So theyll be on the top(devided ofcourse) and the bottom will be open. Ive been thinking ill devide the bottom up for the feeders also so theyll be atleast 30 long by like 18 wide maybe 24 high Im not a 100% on the last two but the glass we have is 60 inchs long so well have alot of extra room. So i was thinking with the last bit i could get another reptile. But i dont want one that need UVB lighting. Not that i cant afford it. I actually have 2 right now brand new not using. Its just in the long wrong. the light bill will be a ton which i dont wanna have. So i was thinking something like my leo geckos that need a undertank heater and/or a heat lamp(which i have).

any ideas? or suggestions? Id prefer that itd be handlable (not Tokay geckos!) and not something thats gonna need mice and rats for food(snakes!. I loveeee rats and couldnt bare to feed them to a snake>.<) that and my mother is terrified of them and rather cut there heads off then learn to like them. Anyways ideas? something thatll eat roachs, crickets, meal worms, wax worms and MAYBE the occasional pinky>.> If my geckos will eat them other wise just the other stuff.

thanks best answer will get 10 Points~

also only answer if you know what your talking about. Dont say sayyy another leopard gecko coz there cool or whateverXD If the place i got mine ever has more super snows then ill probably get another one. Id just like to expand my collection^^. Id love to educate people around me that reptiles arent something to fear and kill rather are neat creatures that help out the enviorment and let kids experince it(in high school we had a pet ball python for a class pet and thats what got me over my fear! there such sweet snakes!) so nothing thats gonna bite to much and hurt.



No the sizes are definate. Im not sure how big they are other then that there 6 feet long(the glass) i was just saying the minum of what they are. Im pretty sure we can make it wider if need be since we just need the glass on the bottom for the under tank heats. That was just the rough gestimante.

Update 2:

Im thinking a african fat tailed gecko, or a crested gecko but im more leaning towards a pacman frog. Ofcourse id cut it smaller since it wouldnt need a HUGE tank like that and maybe get two. Any experince with them??! good idea bad? ive read they not need UVB lighting

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  • 1 decade ago
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    reading all that, i'm sure you will do what is best for whatever pet, so i'm not going to mention tank demensions or anything :)

    pacman frogs are really cool little guys, but like other amphibians if you want something to handle then they arent really the best. Their skin quickly absorbs any chemicals or oils that are on your skin and they could seriously harm him - they are more a hands off pet

    AFTs are more or less the same as leopard geckos in temperament (not care - they need more humidity), but i dont think they look as pretty as leos

    ocelot geckos could be an option? these guys are seriously cute (i got myself a baby one a few weeks back; ). They are really funny little things just full of character! They come in quite a few morphs, like leos and are a little more unusual. They are just as friendly though :)

    sandfish skinks are truly awesome little lizards. i love my Merry and Pippin! Although they hide alot under the sand, when you do see them they are just great. They look really funny, and they are beautiful.

    i love my cresties too though! oh my gosh its so hard choosing new pets haha!

    if you are into arboreal guys, then gargoyle geckos look really nice, and i think they are similar in care and temperament to the cresties, but i've never kept one

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hmmm... Do you still have the option to change the dimensions? I'm not sure how you'd get around this, as your leopard geckos obviously need max floorspace, so a wide construction suits them, but if you could somehow increase the height of the lower section, crested geckos would be perfect!

    They don't need UV lighting (although some think they benefit from low levels) and heating costs would be virtually non-existent, as they like it pretty cool (75f-80ish). In fact, if temperatures go over the mid 80s they get v.stressed and it can be fatal, so they really wouldn't be a good choice if you live in a very hot area...

    Humidity needs to be much higher than your leos (not a problem - just choose appropriate substrate and mist regularly) but they're highly arboreal, so they need height and branches to climb, not floorspace, like terrestrial species, if you see what I mean?

    They're also pretty handleable, which was another of your criteria :o)

    Hope this helps?


    Source(s): Keeping and breeding various herps since 1994.
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  • Geckos are nocturnal, although you can see activity in the day. Frogs are a good choice as well without UVB. If you can afford them, poison dart frogs make a nice colorful area. They are not poisonous in captivity. With the frogs they only need enough lighting that lights the tank up so they can bee seen when they are active in the day.

    Source(s): Reptile fanatic, weekend herper
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  • 4 years ago

    It relies upon what style of reptile. they are in a position to bypass relatively devoid of uva, the human beings on the expo in all hazard did no longer desire to haul around extra beneficial kit. maximum lizards want it, as with some geckos and snakes they'd not. All i will say is learn alot, in addition they want specific temperatures too.

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