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What to you think of David Frum (Bush speech writer) being fired?

Is this what the Republicans do to anyone who doesn't toe the party line, and has their own opinion?

Seems pretty communistic to me. Say what they want you to say, or be silenced.

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    Mr. Frum has parted company with the right-wing ideologues at the AEI on prior occasions, but I guess his accurate portrayal of the Republican death dance on health insurance reform was just too much truth for them to handle. The CEO of the organization tried to get around it by saying he could stay on--just not receive a salary. LOL! I wonder why Mr. Frum refused to take that deal?

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    I find it very interesting that the conservative think tank mostly liked Obama's healthcare plan (or that they envisioned a plan made up of the same components of Obama's plan).

    As far as what happened to Frum.... well, I am not surprised. He has been the voice of reason in a burning house. He has been critical of how the GOP and the conservatives do not want to accept their problems. It is actually unfortunate. There needs to be critical thinking in a failing party (or anytime)... pretending that the house is not burning is idiotic.

    BTW, Frum has been attacked by the far right for some time now. He strongly criticized Rush Limbaugh's statement of proclaiming that he hoped Obama fails. Rush and his followers called Frum a traitor to conservatives and then they ridiculed him from being born in Canada. Of course, they loved him when he was a Bush speechwriter.... but when he criticized Limbaugh he became that "Canadian irrelevant Bush aid."

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    actually amazing, on 2 counts. First, without forsaking Republican concepts for the time of the Bush years we can possibly under no circumstances have had a President Obama. Bush set us back a million,000 years (see the financial gadget and Iraq). He grew to become into so disliked that any Democratic candidate might have won. 2d, the Republicans went "all in" on destroying the Obama Presidency. they could have further sturdy tort reform and inter-state coverage; besides the shown fact that, they wager that by applying calling names and riling up the backside, they could set usa of america back yet another a hundred years and earnings politically. Preposterous - those human beings have been voted into place of work to do our agency - and that they failed. Worse, the clones in the States will now harm what's left of our wealth with partisan regulation suits and illogical regulations against "socialism" in State homes. The Republican occasion, which i grew to become into as quickly as a proud member, is a comedian tale. Frum is a hundred% amazing.

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    He came up with some propaganda that didn't come into reality. If health insurance reform did not happen, he would be hailed a god. But because it was not the Dems "waterloo" then he was thrown under the bus. The truth is that everone needs a "fall guy" and he was theirs. I just wonder when they'll get rid of Steel next.

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    I didn't hear about that! Well, I think it's very good that he spoke out against his party, almost displaying democratic views. I don't know much about it so I am not one to really have a strong opinion about it, but if he was fired for this, I don't think it's very fair. Being honest, looking at some of Bush's speeches though, they weren't very inspiring...Perhaps it was the way they were delivered, I don't know. whatever, at the end of the day, he was brave to stand up and say what he did. Of course the republicans wouldn't be happy about it though...

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    The man was incompetnt and the Dems favorite Rep because all he did was trash them, Frum ought to be drummed out of the party.

    Silenced? Hardly. He just lost a job, I'm sure MSNBC will pick him up.

    Seems pretty communistic to you? I think you need a new dictionary, honey. Better get one fast because you embarrass yourself with these opinions of yours.

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    David Frum is no Republican...

    Just like Lieberman is no Liberal

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    The truth hurts and sure is not welcomed. This is what they are known for as well as their denial of their wrongdoing.

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    I love it.

    His comments about the Republican party and FOX were spot on. And, of course, they undermine the Republicans and their talking points (as well as FOX's whole "fair and balanced" nonsense).

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    Justified!!! NY Slimes is a joke!!! How about Lieberman being thrown under the bus or Bart the back stabber Stupak selling out his beliefs!!! Yes it is true, hypocrisy leans way left!!!

    and it is odd how libs want to silence FOX!!!

    "Seems pretty communistic to me. Say what they want you to say, or be silenced."

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