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fin73 asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw & Ethics · 1 decade ago

Is this sexual abuse of a minor?

My wife's ex husband is 38. They seprated when there two boys were married and shows no affection to them and was not around them much as they grew up, now 11 and 16.

His girlfriend(now wife) moved in two years ago with her two sons. A six year old and an openly gay 16yo.

Her ex sleeps in the bed with the 6 yo and they hold hands wherever they go. Even though he never showed emotion towards his own children.

Micheal Jackson almost went to jail twice for this.

He comes down to get the boys and hangs out for a few minutes, I have two year old daughter I dont want him around.

Is this normal? I do not think, should I report him to Child Service's?

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    Many 6 year old kids sleep with an adult from time to time. It is better for everyone if they are encouraged to sleep in their own bed. The only other thing you mention is the holding of hands. ?????? I see nothing illegal happening here. I think you are angry with him and looking to make trouble.

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