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How to get my hair like Chace Crawford?

Me right now:

What im going for:

Does it need to be longer? Im pretty sure that I need to straighten the bangs at least but what should i use to style it?

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    This was a simple and easy to manage style for Chace at the GQ Celebrates 2007 "Men of the Year" event. The sides and back of his style were sliced or razored for a soft wispy effect at the edges, and his top layers were also sliced but kept slightly longer for shape and style. This hairstyle will be easy to re-create with a little wax or moulding cream.

    I think this is a perfect hair style for you because you have an oval oblong face shape and this style works very well for people under 21, and it works basically for all hair density and texture.

    To create this style, you can put a little styling product in your damp hair, run through the hair with the fingers from the roots to the ends. Then blow dry forward from the crown area while styling with fingers to create a tousled effect. Apply hairspray to hold the style.

    You will look great in this style!

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    I think that would look really good on you even though I kinda like the way it is now. And for the waxing, i wouldnt wax but maybe pluck a little bit. Your eye brows aren't like super bushy. I mean guys eyebrows are always thicker.

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