Graphic Design and print media?

I am considering a GD degree but wasn't sure of this aspect. If I want to ultimately work for a magazine or in book design or greeting card company.. in print media specifically, would a Graphic Design degree be the right degree for me and what courses particularly would help in this. Thanks guys.

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    Yes, graphic design would be appropriate. Graphic designers work in visual communication, whether that is print or film/video or web or anything else. Graphic designers design magazines, books, posters, cards, etc. They use the fundamental principles of typography, color, form, communication, and print processes (letterpress, silkscreen, offset, digital prints, etc) to create printed work. Most graphic design programs in college will give you the fundamentals to work in print. In fact, at most schools the majority of student work is print because it's a lot cheaper and has a smaller learning curve (of source, some just work in print to learn fundamentals and then choose to apply those fundamentals to another medium when they advance in the program). Basically every class will prepare you for a career in print... except maybe classes that focus on a specific, non-print technology like Flash or web design. Look for typography classes, print technique classes, book design and book making classes, publication design classes, and basics like color theory class. You also might want to take a workshop or class in InDesign and Illustrator -- two key software programs for print production.

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    image layout classes are what you like, even inspite of the indisputable fact that they do have a tendency to instruct with a vast brush to comprise all disciplines interior image layout (eg print, cyber web, representation and so on). usually it extremely is as much as the scholars to specialise, many classes inspire that learn and may additionally assist you. by ability of magazine, e book layout, greeting taking part in cards do you advise representation or typography – commonly designers at the instant are required to be Jacks (or Jills) of all trades – yet those 2 aspects are what you need to appear for in choosing your direction, try to talk to modern-day scholars to sound out their thoughts with reference to the direction.

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