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Is the Obama Health Care Dictatorship the equivalent of Domestic terrorism?

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    how is it like a dictatorship? are you talking about the fact that all americans are required to have healthcare? because several republicans supported the exact same thing in their states.... just letting you know.

    and terrorism? no. do you even know what terrorism means? how are they using violence or intimidation at all?

    although i'd say the recent acts of intimidation by tea partiers are domestic terrorism. calling politicians and leaving messages threatening to kill their children and saying "i hope you die" is NOT okay. neither is vandalism.

    Source(s): by the way, your username is childish and idiotic. if you don't like a politician, don't vote for them. inciting violence and using threatening language does nothing but make people question your own judgement and weakens any arguments you make. and YES, i read your profile. it doesn't matter about the "logic" of it, because the real message you are trying to convey comes across loud and clear. you hate barack obama.
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    If that is Dictatorship, most countries are living with such a Government and their People are very happy with it.

    Domestic terrorism is being instigated by the Opposition right now. The Health Care Reform Bill

    opposition is just a cover for their Racism. They have attacked Obama and his supporters from the very beginning and now found a veil to disguise it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    NO YOU ******* RETARD!!!!

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