Can I relactate, is it possible?

My daughter is 3 months old and I stopped breastfeeding after getting postpartum depression, severely, and having to take medication. Anyway, today I noticed I still have drops of milk that come out when I squeeze and I knew my daughter was hungry so I decided to latch her on. She did about 5 minutes a side, roughly and I have no idea how much she got, if any, but I found my fenugreek, took some, and drank a bunch of water.

If I latch her on before her bottle, can I relactate and eventually just breastfeed? That's what I really want.

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  • JB
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    10 years ago
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    Yes you can. It may be a bit of a struggle - but here are some good resources:

    Make sure to get in touch weith your local Le Leche league for more support & info as well!

    GL momma!

    Okay - I just wanted to edit to add this as I was nursing my newborn at the computer before & only hand one hand free - LOL:

    It is not the easiest thing in the world to relactate. It is tough - because nursing is hard in the first place for many moms - there is a lot to adjust to postpartum - lack of sleep, changing hormones, the baby needing to nurse (at times what seems like constantly) - many times the advice we get from even health professionals isn't enough or isn't helpful & sometimes isn't even right. Then add to that all the misinformation that gets spread from well meaning family & friends who don't know any better & it's no wonder so many moms can't get through it. Anyway - my point is this - if you really want to do it - you can do. It will take work, you WILL need to arm yourself with accurate info & good support. That is why I pointed you toward the LLL. Those women are volunteers that do this only to help women succeed in nursing. Your supply can come back, it takes time & often it means allowing your baby to be a little frustrated - because just like at growth spurt times when they get fussy wanting to nurse constantly in order to get your supply to increase - what inevitably is happening in the meantime is they want milk faster than you are making it. The difference here though is that you will likely be in a state of what is similar to a growth spurt for a while, maybe even a couple of months, where you add in nursing sessions while dropping bottles. If you keep the right mindset & understand what it takes & how long it may take - you WILL be fine. Right now I am basically doing that same work, but with ONE of my breasts. I got a tear from a fluke, where my newborn bit down hard & arched & tore me wide open & then I couldn't get it to heal as it got infected & blah, blah, blah, I ended up having to even forgo pumping to get it to finally start to close up & because of that I basically all but lost supply on one side. Now I am pumping like crazy & taking herbs to increase supply & it is coming back slowly but surely - but I am lucky - the other breast has done fine & I can still nurse him on that side in the meantime & pump & nurse, etc.... I also think that if your daughter did stay on the breast for 5 mins on each side, she likely was getting milk. She should have wanted to quit due to boredom faster than that if there was nothing there.

    Depending on how well your supply comes back, you can opt to take Reglan, a Dr can prescribe it. It helps a lot - but make sure you read all the potential side effects thoroughly - I have known women who had a rough time on that med & I personally would avoid it if I could. Milk Plus is an excellent supplemet to help There is also Mother's Milk Tea which is often found at most health food stores (Milk Plus *might* be available too) There is a great cookie recipe that has helped me a lot - plus they are yummy (If you get tired of them - spice it up with things you love - I add coconut & almond slivers). Make sure you are drinking LOTS of fluids & getting plenty of rest as well. I dont' want to make this sound super hard - but I also want you to be realistic on your expectations - particularly when dealing with PPD...because the LAST thing you or any momma needs is something that could be really tough & then disappointing to add to it. I think it is awesome that you want to try again & I have no doubt that withthe right info & support you not only will succeed you will be so glad you gave it another try. Breastfeeding has been hard for me - but it has also been incredibly rewarding. HUGE hugs to you & please know that you are already a great momma in my book for being willing to even attempt this no matter what happens. Hat's off to you!

  • Maria
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    4 years ago

    Relactating should be entirely possible. Just start pumping often and your milk will come back. (Whether you'll be able to make enough to meet her complete needs is uncertain, but any breastmilk is better than no breastmilk.) Getting baby back on the breast is much less certain -- after 6 months of bottles she no longer knows how to nurse and, if she was having major difficulties at one month, there may be a physical issue causing those difficulties. (Tongue tie? High palate?) If you want to get her back on the breast you'll need to work closely with a VERY skilled LC ... and hope for the best.

  • It doesn't hurt to try. It will be hard to build up a full supply again, but if you let her latch, at least she will get some. You can also pump a couple extra times a day to help. Good Luck!

  • 10 years ago

    Yep, if you still have milk coming out then it is entirely possible for your baby to build your milk supply up again. Just keep nursing her very regularly the more she nurses the more your supply will build up.

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