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baseball question... J.A. Happ or Edwin Jackson?

who is going to do better this year, J.A. Happ or Edwin Jackson

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    depends what you're looking for....

    I love AL pitchers coming to the NL - esp the NL West - a lot of free swingers and pitcher's parks - and the bonus of 2-3 easy K's per game by facing opposing pitchers. I expect 200 K's from him.

    On the other hand, Happ was great last year, already in the NL, and has a great offense to protect him - and he qualifies in most leagues as a RP too, which is a big bonus. I also expect more wins based on being on the better team.

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    I love Edwin Jackson this year, he moved out of the AL into the weaker NL, the ballpark in Arizona is pretty huge so homers will not be a huge problem. Happ will probably get more wins playing for Philly, but he plays in a hitters ballpark so I would expect his era to go up

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    I think Happ will do better, but Jackson's the less risky pick. Second year players are always pretty risky, and Edwin Jackson isn't a bad option for wins and strikeouts. Go with Happ if you want to test your luck. Go with Jackson if you want to be safe.

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